Jealousy Anyone ?


Normally when a friend annouces their pregnancy i get a wee touch of the green eyed monster but its great on here and i'm nothing but chuffed for the BFP - it makes a change!

Anyone else like this ?


  • Oh yes - I think it's because we all know we are going through the same thing - yet when I know people and it's like "oh we've only did it the once" or "it happened really quickly" - aarrrggghh x
  • Yes so like this!

    it really gets to me those that have just had a baby, then had unprotected sex and wonder why they're pregnant again. You'd think they know how they got pregnant........ (sorry not meaning anyone on here)

    Have to hold my hand up and admit everytime theres a BFP i think, why not me this month? Why!? What did i do wrong?
    but then the moment passes and I'm happy for the BFP.

  • My friend was off the pill for a year and then said she got pg on the first month of actual trying - i'm going into month 3 and still nothing - but i'm very hopeful this month image
  • My friend has just discovered she is pregnant without even trying. Apparently she is happy but doesnt want to be pregnant just yet as she has a holiday coming up and wanted to spend the week drunk. She doent know im ttc so just had to smile sweetly even when she said she was still planning on drinking on hols as its still just the size of a bean asnd so it doesnt matter wtf! had to stop myself from slapping her then and there (never usually have violent urges).
    Anyway sorry for rambling just needed to vent xx
  • We should make little dolls - so when we have to be really nice on the outside we could go home and stick pins in their eyes!!
  • BTW - I'm not saying that we should actually do that and I'm generally not some mad rambling woman - but something has definetly got me going this week xx
  • He he i like it. Theres something about all this ttc stuff that turns normally sane women into mad women (according to my dh anyway)
  • I've gone really strange this week - I feel very emotional and quite stressed - last night I was awful!! Not normally like this and I've never suffered pms (oh no just had a flashback) ...... I get really angry when I'm first pregnant. The 1st time I threw my dinner at hubby!

    "i will not sympton spot .... I am not sympton spotting... honestly..."
  • Oh yes! a girl I know from the school gates came rushing up and told me she was 'surprise' pg, exactly a week to the day after my mc. I felt like screaming but managed to paste a smile on my face and congratulate her. also Im with StepheY too, I am really happy for all on here who get a bfp, as we are all in the same boat really. But I do get a twinge of 'wish it was me too'! x
  • I def think it gives me hope. Every time there's a BFP announcement, I think "people DO get pregnant, therefore maybe I will too."

    And because I'm not telling anyone about ttc, its nice to share on here. So you hear how much others want the bfp too, and then see them get it, and you feel nothing but joy.

  • Yeah Flush - i've not told anyone either and at least on here there is no pressure - just support and loads of people to answer out silly questions lol
  • I spent a wet bank holiday weekend with my 'surprized to be pregnant' sister in law who kept urging me and oh to hurry up and get on with producing a cousin for her lo. If only she knew. I wanted to chuck her out in the rain and throw away the key...

    TTC brings out the monster in me...
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