Is anyone making a special effort to eat certain foods to help conceive? I've been obsessive about my 5 a day, and making sure I eat enough (am a skinny minny by nature) but wondered what the rest of you are doing? Is anyone avoiding caffeine? Everyone cutting down on booze?


  • i'm trying to put a little weight on as i'm borderline underweight and was worried in case that could have contributed to recent mc (but i know it probably didn't, midwife said i was fine)
    i gave up caffeine a while back anyway and it is recommended to cut down/not have any during pregnancy so it is a good idea to try and cut down now whilst ttc anyway. as for alcohol, i'm not a big drinker either so i cut down a few months back (mainly so that my family wouldn't notice if i got pg and suddenly refused a glass of wine!) and i tended to not have any alcohol after ovulation. first day of AF i usually treat myself though!

  • Ive stopped smoking, cut out caffine and stopped drinking alcohol. I love fruit and veg anyway so I think im ok with that.
    Makes me laugh though cos I conceived my dd when I was smoking about 20 a day, drinking every weekend, eating junk food and swigging coffe all day lol
  • babymonkey - that is really heartening to hear!

    Am still drinking two cups of tea a day but reckon that is fairly okay. On the alcohol: am also treating myself to a glass of wine on AF days!

    My mum's a midwife and I can see her watching me like a hawk when I turn down coffee and wine with dinner!
  • Just switch to decaf hun. I did and I dont know the difference and If you dont want to be left out with wine at a dinner, either have a spritzer or an alco free. Its hard to tell the difference except you dont get tipsy and you dont get a headache the next morning.
  • Decaff tea is such a good idea. Will give that a go. Can't let go of a morning cuppa!

    I do actually quite like not drinking, especially when I think it will up my chances of a bfp. x
  • i can't taste the difference with decaff tea, that's what i drink nowadays. but just to warn you if you do usually drink lots of caffeine you might get headaches when you cut down but it will be worth it in the end xxx
  • I have just come off the pill and am definitely not pg but can no longer stand the taste of tea or coffee and I am usually a 3 cups a day drinker! I also had a glass of wine after my BFN and it tasted vinegary and horrible! It was my favourite rose!! Do you think my body is telling me it's bad for me so I don't want it? Even making the tea at work makes me feel a little sick! Have swapped to herbal & green tea which is good in a way as when I (hopefully) do get a BFP no one will notice - although I have had to answer a few awkward questions in advance!! xx
  • Hello again SarahW - just replied to you on another thread!

    You're lucky if you don't want them - that'll make it much easier. I am going to go for the decaff but am now worrying about my weight. Since stopping taking the pill, I have lost about half a stone (from just over seven stone) so am now really trying to make sure I put that back on!
  • I switched to decaff tea as i was going off drinking normal as i kept thinking it might be bad for me!!! Like mrs-e i only really have alcohol from af up to ov. I've actually gone off it since ttc (hope that doesn't last forever!) so only have the odd glass. I've tried to put on a bit of weight but haven't really managed it and am trying to eat my 5 a day too. Other than that just eating healthily without obsessing too much.
  • sorry to put a dampner on things, but have read from a couple of TTC books, including Zita West, that decaf is just as bad as caffinated stuff and tea is better. Since I read that, I am now on the herbal drinks.
  • i've cut back on tea and coffee so i now only have one or two cups a day and i'm also drinking 1 litre of water (which is good for me - probably not quite enough though). I'm cutting back on chocolate which believe it or not i dont actually miss.
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