Hi to everyone, newbie coming to join :o)

Hi ladies, just come back to the site after 14months away. Had my little boy in may 2009 and havent really been back since. I have now decided to start ttc again and remembered how good this site was.
Wish you all luck ttc and look forward to chatting to you all.x

Nic & Jake.x :\)


  • hi there and welcome back!!! hopefully you wont have to be in the ttc forum to long( in the nicest possible way!!!)
    all the best luck to you xxx
  • Hi Nic and welcome back. I had my daughter on 5th June 09 and used BE all the way through.
    Lots of luck and hopefully we will be in a "due in " soon ;\)
  • just read through all the diff abbreviations to bring myself back upto speed! .. got caught in first month with ds so all this cd and dpo is new to me lol!
  • Hello! I had my lilttle boy in jan 09 and now ttc no 2 as well. hope you get your bfp as quickly as you did last time! x
  • hiya, and welcome image xxx
  • Hello! I'm not sure if this is gatecrashing this is my first ever post but wanted to say Hello and Good Luck to you. I had my little girl in June 09 and we're just starting ttc no 2 too. x
  • Hey welcome back and i hope you get your bfp v soonimage
  • wow, lots of june mummies back at it! ;\)

    Welcome to ttc!

  • Hello I have just returned to BE to were ttc No 2, was on the March '08 forum, BabyDust !x
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