Symptoms and testing? Confused!

Me and my husband have been TTC since Feb. I had my implant taken out on the 20th Jan and my first AF was 19th Feb. So I should have came onto my AF on Saturday, but now it's Tuesday I still haven't! I've had dull aches and sometimes feel slightly dizzy. My boobs are sore (especially the left - TMI), but they usually are when I'm about to start AF. I haven't had an implanation bleed, but does everyone who could be pregnant? What is everyones symptoms in very early pregnency? I don't know whether my symptoms are because I could be pregnant or it's my AF due and it hasn't settled down since my implant has come out!

I spoke to my husband about doing a test and he said to wait until the end of the week! I can't wait that long - he is very tight on his money and doesn't want to keep buying them if I have a BFN! Tight git! When is the best time to test? Does it have to be first thing in the morning?

I know I'm wittering here. I'm just confused! :\?


  • lol at *tight git* hehehe there are a few girlies on here who have come off the inplant recently and not had their AF yet, i think it takes a while to come out of ur system. so i would think its probly just ur body adjusting to not having ur implant in. however people do sometime get pg strait away. so maybe leave it a week do a test, and if BFN, its prob just the implant coming out of ur syste. i had all those symptoms about 2 weeks afetr i came of my pill and it lasted for about 3 weeks image the best time is to test in the morning, as the pg hormone should be stronger in the mornin, hope that helps? sorry it prob wasnt what u wanted to hear?

    good luck ttc! hope we get our BFPs soon! x
  • Hi Nickir

    My early symptoms were sore boobs, which came on pretty much the day after I got my BFP (on 14DPO). However I did get very sore boobs a few months into TTC - which I think was when my hormones kicked in after stopping the Depo injection.

    Therefore I agree with *me* - wait a week or so and then try a test. Superdrug ones are really sensitive (10DIU -same as First Response) but they are alot cheaper than the name branded ones.

    Other people have found that the other supermarket own label ones can be a bit hit and miss. No one seems to recomend ebay HPTs.

    Good luck!!
    CTBxx (6+2)
  • Well I managed to do a test yesterday and it was BFN. But still today nothing. I'll test again next week if I still see no AF.
  • good plan image xxx
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