Grapefruit juice question

Hi lovelies! I have taken your advice and started drinking the awful grapefruit juice to assist with EWCM! I am still guesstimating my cycle since coming off the Pill, but I think it's a bit early for me to be ov-ing, and yet I am pretty moist down below (apols for TMI!) it seems to be EWCM too. Is this what happens when you drink grapefruit juice? Are the results that quick or is my body teasing me?!?! :roll:


  • aagh BE ate my reply. ive started drinking it too- altho its pink grapefruit juice as my tesco don't do normal, hope its the same lol- anyway, ive heard that your symptoms are the same as what others have said so fingers crossed it helps x
  • hi hun, ive been drinking it ince last cycle. i did feel much wetter after drinking it but havent had ewcm till ov time.xxxx
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