I can finally relax about ttc

Hi Girls,
me and dh went away at the weekend to spend some quality time together because it's our 1 year wedding anniversary coming up this month and the whole baby thing had stressed us both out to the point that it affected our relationship. Weve hasd argum,fits of crying,depress you name it!

I just wanted to say that I had such a nice time with dh and we BD'd and had lots of fun and we bought the spark back into our relationship again. I remembered why I fell in love......

I am happy to say that I really don't care when I fall pregnant now because I am happy again and I can finally relax and enjoy my life again. No more stressing for me

Lots of PMA to everyone


  • I'm really glad your weekend away has helped things! You sound relaxed and refreshed! Good Luck and hope you get your BFP sooner rather than later xxxxx
  • So pleased you have had such a good weekend. Hope being so relaxed helps you get your bfp. Although thats what you ultimately want enjoy the time you have as a couple before it all changes with children.
    Good luck.xx
  • Glad you had a relaxing weekend. You sound very positive. I've also become less stressed about ttc and know it will happen some time so its better to live a little bit more for now and not get so stressed. good luck for your bfp.
  • I agree, i was in such a hurry to start ttc after our wedding in June and have consentrated on that for most of the year, and as it's not happened yet i have to think that im grateful that my husband and I have had a lovely year together enjoying being married before our lives change...like my mother advised us to do... would be lovely to celebrate our first anniversary with a BFP!!! what a present that would be! Good luck!xx
  • That is fantastic, me and dh have also been through all the emotions you explained above. We are going on holiday a week on Sat and i cannot wait. I just can't wait to be away and relax and no stresses of work and general life so bring on the holiday.
  • It can be overwhelming, can't it? I'm glad you've had time with your hubby to enjoy your relationship - it's what's most important image

    With all our moving countries etc, we've kind of put things on hold, but it's made me much more relaxed too - when someone asked what cd I was on, I had to look it up image
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