1DPO! Anyone else?


I got a positive opk on Sunday and had some stomach cramps yesterday so I'm making the assumption that I'm 1DPO today!

We have been bding every day for the past 5 days so hopefully we are at least in with a chance! It's our first month though so who knows.

Anyone else 1DPO? image. When will everyone be testing? It's my bday at 11DPO and it's also the day af is due so I think I may test then. Or is that too early?

K xx


  • Morning mrskp, im 1dpo today too, YAY!!!
    This will be the 1st 2ww ive had in ages, im really excited!
    Weve been trying for our 6th for 2yrs now!
    You certainly sound like youve got it covered with regards to bdin, id say your in with a great chance! Let me know if you have any symptoms, good luck xxxx
  • Hi mrsKP. I'm 3dpo so just a little ahead.I have 16 day LP so will be testing around 29th. 2ww is the worst!!!! xxx
  • Hey girls, I'm a bit late joining but I'm also at the same stage, I'm 3dpo today so same as MrsKP and debbiemc : ) This is my first month off the pill and ttc though and Fertility Friend has recommended I wait until 18dpo to test as it doesn't know my cycle yet - not sure if I can hold out that long!!! Hope you're all well.x.
  • Hi i am 1 DPO too let the 2ww begin!!!! :lol: :lol:
  • Anyone got any symptoms to report??
    Ive had a few twinges in my tummy and my nips hurt a little but that could be because i keep poking them! lol. lol. xxxxx
  • Hello again everyone!

    How are you all doing? Glad to see there''s some other people in their 2ww!!

    I'm surprisingly calm about it all actually, I think because it's my birthday next week I will hopefully know before then so I know whether I can drink or not - I can drown my sorrows and have a great night if it's a BFN and I can be joyfully happy if I get a BFP!

    I haven't had any symptoms yet, but then it is only 3DPO! I've had some odd cramps which are like my ov pains (but a bit milder) on one side which may or not be a symptom, I'm sure it's just a case of me being too aware though!

    When is everyone testing?

    K xxx
  • I think I'm going to wait till next weekend 28/29 as this is only my first cycle to not really sure when I will be 'late'...so going to wait till at least 12 or 13dpo...longer if I can!!! I've had pains low down in my abdomen for the last couple of days, backache, achey legs and today my (.)(.) are a little sore. I'm sure it's far too early for any of these to be actual signs, more likely left over from OV hormones so trying not to think about it too much. Easier said than done!!.x.
  • Trixie85 I'm 3dpo according to fertilityfriend.com as well! I had a copper coil removed mid October so it's our first proper month TTC too!

    So glad I found this forum as none of our friends or family know we're trying yet so it's nice to be able to chat about it all on here!
  • Oh yea, hi Mrs R!! We chatted in another topic earlier didn't we?? What day are you going to test hun??
  • I don't know, it doesn't feel like it's a real possibility yet. I feel a bit like I'm watching someone else's life! Don't want to get my hopes up as I just don't think I'm lucky enough to hit the jackpot on our first month!!

    When are you going to test? We should organise a Guinness book of Records POAS-athon where we all do it together and post our results! x
  • I know what you mean, I feel like that too...I feel hopeful but then I have to give myself a reality check about the chances of it happening in the first month. I think I would test next weekend if AF hasn't showed by then...but it's all guess work really as I don't know my cycle yet. Just going to keep everything crossed I guess!! poas-athon would be hilarious : ) .x.

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  • lol.....poas-athon, that would funny!!
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