Yay the docs testing me and dh !!!

I've been to the doctors this morning and he's agreed to do d21 bloods on me and seman analysis on dh !! image
I'm so pleased, i wasn't sure he'd do it cos we've only been trying 9 months and it's usually 1 yr before they test but i have a family history of subfertility so he's agreed to start early
I'm so full of pma now...

I was gonna give blood on sunday, but not sure i should? Will it affect the results of the blood test? I'm not going for my blood test til 23rd so it might be ok by then?
What do you think?
maxi xxxx


  • I shouldn't think it would affect it giving blood so I would still do it. Good luck with the tests it's so good to know somethings being done
  • I'm no expert but don't think giving blood should affect the results. You can always call the surgery and ask for their advice??

    I'm so very pleased for you that the Docs are getting on a doing something for you. Hopefully you'll get some answers and help with the best way to get your BFP. Good luck.


  • oh good luck hun i am really pleased for you both ((hugs)) xx
  • good news your getting tested. i think it varies from doctor to doctor i've seen people on here say there getting tested after 3 month. i know my doctor didn't really want to test until a 6 month.
    i wouldn' t have thought it would effect you giving blood but you could ask the nurses at the place where your going to give.

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