Just come off pill - adivise please.

Hi, i am just joining you all from planning a baby. I took my last pill on weds so am due on today/tomorrow. was just wondering when will i expect my next proper period. also im planning on ttc staright away, any advise on this??
Hope your all ok thanks alot. xx


  • hi and welcome. ur next period (not today/tomorrow) is ur proper period and it defers from women to women as to when it will show up. as for TTC straight away u could use OPK to let u know when to BD (thats what i did anyway) at the right time.

    Good luck Hun

  • hi thought id join you if you dont mind?? i am going to stop my pill on the 9th july then will probably have a withdrawl i go on hol on the 20th so hoping to be off by then as they only normally last 6 days then hopefully wont start again until i get back. i am hoping that this will be the case as before i went on the pill and when i had my daughter and had a break i was regular both times so fingers crossed. i thought just by what i had read miss-to-mrs that your next bleed after your withdrawl one will be your true period! soo sorry not quite got the hang of the abbreviated words yet. xxx
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