time to SS everybody!!!!

...i am currently only 3dpo - but am enjoying making my mind see/feel symptoms already!!!!

today i have VERY sensitive nips and sore boobs and have cramping feelings coming and going all the time.

anyone else got any symptoms they want to share?! xx


  • i think i'm about 8 dpo, one of my boobs has gone veiney (dunno whats up with the other one) feel very emotional, got headsaches and heartburn but that could be because i'm sick.
    Earlier this week i had a feeling that i was, but now thats gone away and i think i've read to much into things.
  • I'm having loads of symptoms this month - feeling sick, tired, emotional, v sore and sensitive (.)(.), extra hungry, heartburn, the list goes on. The only thing is i also have v bad tummy and lower back cramps and these really feel like AF is on the way so it might all just be very bad PMT (boo!)
  • hey nilo - your symptoms sound promising! i think its SO easy to read too much into everything and i am trying so hard not too! easier said than done! when are you testing/due af?
    emmaA - your symptoms sound good too - when are you due/testing? xx
  • Hi Livvy - I'm not testing until next week - probably Thurs - my AF is due on Sun so I would be a few days late by then. I've learnt how disappointing it is to get BFN so many times that I would rather wait until I'm quite late before testing. How about you?
  • i'm going to get test sunday i think, i'll get a first response one. I've done a couple of cheapy ebay tests and got BFN, We've only bd'd once this month but it was day before i ov i think so you never no. When are you testing?
  • well...going by my last cycle length (first real one after pill) af wouldnt be due till 2nd march!!!!
    but going by my ov tests - i ov'd on saturday (cd10) so if i guess a 14 day period between ov and af, i would be due on sunday 7th. so not sure really. what do you think? is it likely that i could be due on 7th if af was on saturday?
    i know what you mean about seeing BFNs, i saw a few last month image
  • sorry, i meant ov was on sat, not af!
  • Hey chook

    I am 8dpo, have sore bbs, gassy and fatigue, but thats about it lol! Fingers crossed! xxx
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