vits and supps

what do you take?
I've just start taking pregnacare, which has folic acid and b12.
is there anything else to take that can help the process along? i'm sure i read somewhere about something that can shorten cycles?


  • aaahh BE ate my first reply!

    I take the Boots Mumtobe vits which have everything i need from TTC to Breasfeeding. Most supplements have everything you need if you take a combination one.

    Agnus Cactus is a herbal tablet i believe which shortens the cycle but you have to be careful when you take it as it could lead to a mmc if you dont take it at the right point of your cycle and you had a little bean without knowing.
  • Hi,

    I take (well when I remember to!) Superdrug's version of Pregnacare which also take you through from TTC to Breastfeeding

  • Hello I take either the boots or sainsburys mum2b ones, they're only ??3-??4 rather than however much for the branded ones and they still have everything you need.
  • hi i take, sanatogen natal vits and so does hubby, i also take evening primrose oil and vit b6, oh and extra vit c coz im prone to illness but i have been feeling great since i started taking my vits.xxxx
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