officially lost the plot !

OMG i am in need of help, for some reason i have just used an opk to see if it might give me a hint if im pg (heard you can get a positive ov sign if u r) !!!:lol:
im on cd 25 so af due on wed and ive promised myself not to test until im late. Im on my first month of using the cbfm so i thought i had my poas addiction under control- obviously not. the worst thing is, not only did i randomly use an opk, but ive had 2 cups of tea and countless wees this am (tmi) :lol: so it was completely pointless. has made me laugh tho at my hoplessness, havent even got any symptoms.
Babydust and sanity to all xxx


  • this TTC lark drives u insane so don't worry sounds normal to me ha ha

  • Good luck for wed hun, hope you get your BFP

  • Hi good luck for next week but i have to confess im the same !Its all i think about and im starting to drive myself mad!lol. Its only our 2nd month ttc well 1st really as we didnt put much effort in 2 last month as oh was ill !tut tut.Its good to come on here and no that you can go on with yourself without boring
    Luv clare
  • I love to POAS!! Sometimes, even though my CBFM makes me POAS pretty much every day, I also do an ebay cheapie pgtest and we all know how reliable they are... I need help... I may start peeing on lamp posts soon... xx
  • lmaos Princessmimi! im soooo glad im not the only one who's gone mad- thanx girls xxx
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