Anyone else just off pill & TTC - want to join me??

Hi there,

Has anyone else recently come off the pill and TTC straight away? I finished my last pack of pills on 27th December and been TTC since - I have no idea when I ovulate as I have been on the pill for 10 years!

I guess I just wanted to see how everyone else is doing in the same position as me and thought we could support each other.

I'm 26 and have been on microgynon 30 for 10 years...



  • Hi, I was on the same pill for 10+ years also (probably longer in fact), came off end of Sept and, luckily, periods have returned to normal, every 28 days, so I'm ovulating smack bang in the centre of my cycle, around day 13-14. Zxx PS: Good luck.
  • Hiya

    I stopped taking the pill on 22/11/09, , was on Yasmin for 3 years and femodene for 11/12 years prior to that. I have no idea when/if I'm ov'ing, and dont think I've had a proper AF yet! I'm 30 btw. xx
  • Hi there

    I finished my withdrawel period on the 16th December, just waiting to get back to normal. Was on Yasmin for 2 years and prior to that had mirena coil.

    I'm 36. xxx
  • Hi Monkeys
    I was on same pill for 13 years - i'm 29 and on withdrawal period now then TTC straight away, so excited!
  • Hi Ladies.

    I was also on Microgynin(sp?) for about 10 years and finished my last packet on December the 11th. I got a positive OPK this morning (sad how excited I was to see that!) so luckily have been BDing regulary for the last month!
  • Hey everyone, glad to see I'm not alone with the whole pill thing! Yummy mummy, I didn't realise we could test straight from the pill... I guess I hadn't really thought about it - how often did you test for ov?? I have no idea when I might be ov, so a test might be a good idea - which type did you use? I'm hoping that coming off the pill will increase my fert as some people say that happens, would really like a bean soon image

    Good luck everyone and let us know how it is all going - any others out there???
  • csme off the pill on the 16th, been trying for baby number 3 since...but as that pill stopped my period ive no idea my just waiting, have feelin af is on its way tho image xx
  • I've also been tracking my temps as originally we were going to try the shettles method for a boy. Got too excited about becoming PG though, so that's gone out the window lol.

    To be honest we were just supposed to be having fun with it for the next couple of months, but I got some free OPKs with my thermometer so I've been POAS for the last week not really expecting them to work lol.

    I knew from a previous time I had come off the pill I was about 2 weeks late so the fact that I have/am OVing makes sense really.

    I'm just so impatient now waiting to find out.
  • I.m coming off Mycrogynon 30 tomorrow after 10 years on it : ) We will be trying straight away, not really sure what to expect, but we'll have fun figuring it all out : ) lol

    I really hope I fall quickly ! Apparantly fertility is really high in the first couple of months of coming off the pill, so we'll be at it like rabbits for now ! LOL !

    Good Luck xxxx
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