AF finally arrived

Wow, I've been having period pains for almost a week with no sign of AF and was getting pretty confused about what was going on as I usually only have pains on the day before it starts. But I'm glad it's finally here and I can get cracking on month 2 of TTC soon.
Hope everyone is happy/healthy/pregnant today! :lol:


  • Hi love, I am pleased AF has turned up though it would of been better if you had a bfp!!

    I am on my month 2 as well image CD14 for me today, good luck xxx

  • Hope you've got a romantic evening planned K-Lou?
    I feel shattered today (as I always do on cd1) and my feklla is out for the evening so I'm going to get loads of munchies and veg out in my trackie bottoms all evening.
  • LOL i am making my man a lemon cake tonight, my first ever cake so who knows how it will go. I have such pains in my belly and also have a bad belly so I don;t even know if I feel up to it. Plus one min cervix low and the next it's high so i am not sure i am ov yet!

    Yeah you do that I love getting home making dinner sitting on the sofa and not moving, or try a nice hot water bottle as well image

    k XX
  • Pleased you are happy thats shes finally arrived. I think shes just arriving with me and I'm NOT happy!!!Oh well-roll on next month.Good luck!!xxx
  • Hi chuck, bummer but good that you've looking on the positive side. It's a numbers game, I reckon, the more times you don't get pregnant to more likely you are to get pregnant the following month!! That's what I'm telling myself anyway!!

    Rather than being upset about AF, I am now trying to think, wll, that's one month closer to the month I'll get pregnant!!

    Hope things are generally good with you. You sound happy.



  • I am happy, we need to move and I think I found a nice flat last night. Plus I was a bit concerned about getting pregnant while my hayfever is SO bad.
  • I've never had hayfever myself but feell for you. My sister always got it really bad and it is a horrible thing. Hope it calms down for you.

    Good luck with the house hunting! I love looking at other people's houses! Just not very keen on the moving thing! Hope you get the flat that you want........


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