CD1 and on to hopes for a 2011 baby....

Well, I woke up this morning to find that AF had arrived, so it's CD1 for me and onto month 3 (not long trying I know - just trying to remind myself of that). I'm obviously disappointed but feel ok about it... just glad the 2ww and not knowing is over. I'm gathering the PMA back together for this month (which if successful would make me due in January 2011 I think). Here's hoping!

Babydust to all and I really hope the evil witch doesn't get anyone else today. xxx


  • Hi girls image

    CD 6 today im nearly over with AF and can start BD soon :P

  • ah sorry she got you tilty. Fingers crossed for this month xx
  • I am cd2 of a really heavy painful af after a 76 day cycle so I know what you mean!!!

    Fingers crossed for your bfp next month! I had my lo in jan 2005 snd it's a good month! Well expensive for me as hubby and lo birthday both in jan!!! Lol!!!

    Bfp sprinkles your way for next month

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