ovulaiton kits- 2x a day????

Hey girls,

I have been testing with opk's 2x a day for the last 3 days- should be oving any day now- pains are there and temp is still not gone too high yet-

here is my question- on the "answer" brand sticks- i was only getting the control line for the longest time and then last night- i finally got two lines- the test line was not as dark as the control- so,,,,,,,, do you think my lh could be increasing and maybe that is causing the other line to finally show? i'm hoping today will show darker line and prove that I am ov'ing-

any thoughts or advice- other than "get to bd'ing, we are totally doing that already!!! lol!!!



  • HI Ally, didn't want to R&R. I've never really relied too much on the OV sticks as think they can be really difficult to read, unless its the CBD ones.

    Your best bet is to wait for your temp rise xxx
  • hi hun, opk's work brill for me as they are always spot on to time of OV, in my pre-ttc months!
    the thing with opk's is you can't tell when you have ov'd until you have if that makes sense. when you get the positive opk, i recommend b'ding from then until 36hrs later. its great you are doing that before too, just in case. regarding the lines, for the last 3 months using them, i get a lighter line, then a line the same colour as a control line then a fainter one, which i can only assume is the level of LH changing. however, i did notice that when i drink lots within 2 hours of testing i got faint lines, so try and restrict what you drink 2hrs before testing.
    what times are you testing, if you test at 11am and 10pm you should cover both 12hrs where the surge might have occured. so my advice is you will prob get a darker line within the next 12hrs, and then it will go faint again. if you check your CM, it shouls be think and slimey and your temp should drop before it peaks. let me know who it goes, hope this in some way helps, but wouldn't be without using opk's! xxxxx
  • Hi Mrs pointin- thanks for the advice- I have been testing about 11am and then again at 7pm or 8pm- I am really having the ov pains all day today but my cm is minimal and not ewcm- I normally get ewcm but not this mth- it has been watery for the last couple of days, but i am just super confused- temps are still lower, and opk still negative- I am cd15 today, so maybe my body is still gearing up- i think i ov'd last month around cd 17? this is my 1st mth of opk and bbt together? I'm hoping the 2 lines are a sign that it is a positive very soon!!! we are 14mths and counting!!
  • Hi ally24

    I just wanted to say that even though the 'rules' of the OPKs says that the test line needs to be as dark as the control line for a positive, that never happened for me... i tested twice a day and would keep the tests and then take the darkest one as my positive.... dont get me wrong, it was defo a pretty dark line but never quite as dark as the control.



  • yay!!! thanks broody!!! I was gettng really frustrated- I tested again last night and the line was def way lighter than the previous two- I also didnt have ewcm this month? which I normally do, but with the ov pains I have been feeling- I just hope we did it this time- I have blood work being done on monday just to make sure and hubby getting semen analysis- hoping we don't need all of those results and we did it on our own finally! thanks- one more question since you got your bfp- did you bd b4 you got the darkest line and after?
  • I actually got my BFP on a cycle where i used the Clearblue Fertility Monitor BUT that way that works is to gove you a 'high' reading on the day before you would get your positve on the standard OPKs... so yeah, on my BFP cycle - I BD'd the day before my positive, the day of my positive and the day after.
    Mind you, i also BD'd about 3 times in the week leading up to my positive so maybe that helped too? Coz it could have been one of those older swimmers that were hanging around in there and then made it!

    Oh - and i dont really get EWCM since coming off the pill - so i also used Preseed on the day of my positive reading xxx
  • oh thanks- i have read about preseed-, i def should look into it! we have also been bd'ing plenty before hand- but ff said I should of ov'd yesterday cd15- but the opks were still neg- at least the 2nd line wasn't darker? oh well- hopefully fate is on my side this month!!! thanks again!
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