6 smiley faces?????????????????????

Just after a bit of advice?

I am finally getting back to normal after my MMC, I have had three bleeding free days and seem to be free of the nightmare. We have been TTC again since April, but not holding out much hope due to my body being all over the place. Last month I got 2 smilet faces on CD10 + 11, but never really got a proper AF, did have some spotting, but nothing much more than that really.

I started using CB digital OV again thinking I had had some sort of AF and I got a smiley face straight away, what I thought was CD6, I have had a smiley face ever since, I am doing two a day, one morning and one at night, I have had smiley face every time since Wednesday, so that is Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, six in total and obviously still going...........

I did a HPT a week ago and it was a BFN...... I have no idea what is happening, everything with my insides is normal (sorry TMI), but now this........

Anyone have any idea what this may be. Should I do another HPT test?:\?:\?:\?:\?


  • I would do another HPT just to rule it out if nothing else!

    If not then i'm not sure. I'm not sure how many's normal to get lol! Just didn't want to r&r!

    Good luck image
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