Aching Legs

I dont know what is going on and i dont know why i am even typing this but since my funny tummy feelings and aching hips i have had the worst aching legs EVER!!!

I feel like i have been walking around all day and not stopped for a rest. The funny thing is i have been at work sat at a desk from half 8 until 5. I have felt like it since the weekend now and it kind of blends in with my aching hips!!!!

tink xxx


  • Hi Tink,

    I too have had aching legs, shoulders and I was getting a weird stitch pain in my chest not sure that was pregnancy related symptom cos could have been stress.

    I have noticed a dull ache in my right shoulder and arm but that could be from typing on here!!! lol

  • Hi SD,

    I have had a pain in my left shoulder which worried me because last time i went to the docs about it i had PG symptoms so he did a test which was negative but he said if it had have been positive i would have had to have a scan ASAP as shoulder pain is a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy.

    Isn't it funny what we spot when we are TTC??? Before all of this aching legs just meant i had danced the night away in town :lol:

    Oh well xx
  • Hey tink, I've also had cramping legs, along with tummy cramps and sore bbs, lets hope its a good sign! xxx
  • before I went on pill I used to have really sore legs each time I have AF full flow, I would hold on to anything because I thought they were going to collapse.

    well, that is not much help but I have never heard of sore legs as a pg symptom
  • Hey tink, don't want to get our hopes up, but here is a link to a website about leg cramps being a possible symptom. I've had them for well over a week now!

  • Thakns for that cass - i have been googling it and it does sound like a popular early symptom. Fingers crossed it means something then xx
  • I know Tink thats why I was getting worried i still dont know if what I experienced is af or implantation.

    I have done a superdrug test and am not sure if I can see a line or not it could be there, but then again it could be my mind playing tricks on me!!

    If not am onto month 2 anyway so I dont care anymore but i might test again in 3 days as it would surely show up by then??

    Good luck xx
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