got a good feeling!

hey everyone,

just wondering if its me or do others feel really good about this month!

I dunno what it is and i dont wanna get my hopes up to much but ive just gt a really good feeling.

I think it may because theres been so many BFP's this month and they just seem to give some hope or it may just be because we have BD loads and i feel like we have given it a really good go this month!

does anyone else feel that good about this month??

and have u done anything extra in order to give yourself a better chance????



  • i have a good feeling too, been busy just hope we got the right days, but i dont know when i ov as only just come off pill last month so first month ttc, but i have had pain and tighting in my tummy and a bit of back ache, from Sunday and been feeling sick for about 3 days on and off, i even went today and got the pregnancy tests in, as i am hoping this will be our month, and even happy if it happens this quick, as it took me 8 months first time round, good luck to you, sending baby dust, when are you testing.


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  • um ill be testing about the 20Th! think im gonna leave it as long as i can as i had a chemical preg last cycle! what about u?
  • I am due AF around the 14th April. so will wait till around the 16th to test,

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