Feeling Better

Morning everyone

Thought I would share with you (as we're allowed to share the details) that hubby and I did it this morning - first time after my miscarriage. I was expecting it to hurt a bit but was quite sleepy and relaxed so it was fine, didn't hurt at all. Hubby was grateful - its been about 4-5 weeks!!!

I had a good chat to my Dr yesterday. She said that generally, the only reason they advise you to wait for another period after a MC is so they can date your next pregnancy easily enough (if you are lucky enough to get pregnant again so quickly). She said for me personally, there are no medical reasons why we shouldn't start trying again as soon as we want - but she wants me to be sure I am emotionally ready. My Dr knows me quite well now and she feels my forthcoming holiday will do me the world of good. She said if I do get pregnant not to worry about dates as scans give you the best idea of dates and she would send me for an early scan the next time I get pregnant.

So hubby and I are feeling TONS better this week. It might sound strange, but going back to work and getting some kind of normal-cy back in our lives has done us both the world of good. We feel we've turned a corner in our healing and are both really feeling OK.

We're going to take it easy this month, if it happens, FAB, if not, we'll wait for AF and pick things up again next cycle.

Thought I would share with you all

Joo xxx


  • Glad to hear your feeling better about things,it's good that you've got such an understanding Dr!
    Good luck with everything!
  • That's good you are feeling better, and you have got a holiday to look forward to as well. Your doc sounds cool - wish I had one like her and what she says makes a lot of sense about TTC again.

    When is your holiday and where are you going?
  • Sevans - we go on Monday to Orlando - couldn't be more perfect timing to get away! Boy do we all need it!
  • Joo, I'm so pleased to hear your doing well, have been really worried. You have a wonderful attitude toward things, and I wish you well for the future. Have a great holiday, you deserve it!!!!!
    x x x x
  • Im sooo glad to hear this Joo. Your gp sounds great. I didnt even bother going to see mine after my mc!

    Have a great holiday, chill and relax. I think your attitude is a very healthy one. ;\) xx


  • So pleased you are feeling better. Will email you xxx
  • Thanks everyone - I am lucky my GP is good - I hope she never moves - although doubt it, she seems to have been there ages!!!

    Just hope we don't have to wait too long before we get pregnant again!

    Will miss you all when I am away!

  • Yeah right! Im sure you will!! :lol: xx


  • Awww joo thats great to hear that you and oh are feeling so happy, laidback and relaxed about things. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. We will miss you too! xxxx
  • OMG - where have I been?? Joo I am so sorry for your loss i had not seen your post so only just found out.

    I am so pleased to hear you strong again and I hope you have a wonderful time on your holiday, you just relax as much as you can and have sooo much funimage

    K xxx
  • No I will miss you BB4 - well a bit anyway! LOL

    I will bring back some virtual sweet treats - taffy and hershey's kisses?

    K-Lou - thanks honey, that's ok, I've been keeping my eye on you you little symptom spotter!!!

  • hee hee (red faced) I feel like some crazy women right now. I just am sooo scared about testing this friday.

    I wish I was going on holiday like you image

    k xx
  • So pleased you're feeling better Joo - enjoy your hols x
  • I had been thinking about you, I'm glad to hear you're doing better. Your holiday will be awesome. Make sure you enjoy it, you probaly won't get another holiday just the two of you!
  • so glad you're both feeling better hun and that you are so positive, good luck, heres some ************baby dust*********


  • Glad you are feeling better and I hope you have a brilliant holiday - you deserve it.
  • Thanks everyone - ur all really really sweet and I wouldn't get through this without your support too you know!

    Sending lots of baby dust and I hope I see plenty of you get BFPs during my time away xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • yay for you Joo! so pleased to hear you are feeling better image

    hope you have a fab holiday and let's hope for some big sticky super healthy fat positives very soon
  • Really glad to hear you are feeling more positive.

    I had been worried about you hun x
  • Your holiday sounds like the perfect escape. Enjoy!
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