OMG!!! I know I shouldnt have but...UPDATE

....all these BFP got me wanted to test and I did and got a v v v faint line. Im shaking and OH is not here to check it for me. It is def there. This is only 9DPO and our first month.

I know its early days but OMG I cant believe it.

Sorry for the rambling but im in so much shock.

Good luck everyone, this looks to be a lucky month xxx


Did another test this morning but used asda's HPT and got another line. Not as good as the line on FR but it is there. Still cant believe it and praying its a sticky one.
Good luck everyone xxx

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  • image :\) :\) image

    eek, well done hunny. huge hugs and congrats to you. my fingers are crossed that everything will go well for the next 9 months and that i will be joining you in the xmas pudding club x x
  • Thanks Mrsc.The only reason I did it without him here was because I though there was no hope and just wanted to see a BFN to stop me hopeing. I want someone to look at it and tell me im not seeing things.
    I know I could turn out to be a chem preg but I am excited!

    Good luck to you. Just read your reply on another post and hope you get your BFP soon as your just stuck in limbo ATM xxx
  • Thanks berly, Im in a little shock. Just posted on JYM to let the others know. I really hope you, lisa and I are all in DID together xx
  • OMG, just replied to you on 1ww thread and have just seen this! Brilliant! image image image

    How many BFPs are there today?!?! There must be something in the water!
  • post us a piccie image

    love seeing the + tests.

    have you told all the JYMers yet?
  • Ok give me a few mins
  • what test did you use ? im going to be getting me some of them. have used all the ones i had in stock on early testing (cost a small fortune). hubbie knows nothing about my POS addiction x


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  • Ok I used to be able to do this Grrrr!

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  • didnt work!!! have left my mobile number on JYM if you want to send me a piccie to my phone x
  • Told you to keep the faith!! Congratulations. Lets help keep each other grounded over next few days eh!
    My line has vanished now - stil there slightly but not like it was so test is now in the bin and will do another Sun or Mon.

    Well done you! x
  • saw the piccie and its beautiful to see x x

    no mistaking that one. x
  • Hi LW it was a FR and there is def a line. Im trying to post a pic but im wondering if it wont post because I have it on FB on a private setting.

    Loobylou I hope my line doesnt dissapeer as I want OH to see it :cry:
  • Mine is still there, but fainter than it was if you see what I mean. It was def there, I got OH to check, but now to see it you have to move it about in the light and get the angle right.
  • Congratulations sweetie xxx
  • Congratulations x
  • Congratulations. xxx What made you test early? Did you have a particular sympton. Ahhh it's excellent news hun.

    Here to a happy and healthy 9 months xxxx
  • Thanks everyone. I had no symptoms at all. I only tested as wanted to get it out of my head. I will test again in a few days as its very very early. AF not due till thursday image
  • Congrats hun, hope you have a H&H 9 months and cant wait to see your CBD post.

    Good luck xx
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