Could this be implantation?

Hi ladies,

firstly congratulations to all who have recently got their BFP. I haven't been on for a while as got quite disheartened after last months AF was hadn't arrived but was getting BFN.. Eventually she came, 5 day's late awfully heavy and clotty (sorry if TMI),

Anyhow, onto this month, and I am now 8DPO and yesterday I had a very small bit of what I can only describe as browny pink spotting on the liner. Nothing last night but an even tinier bit today. We BD the night before ovulation and on Sunday and Monday, especially in the evenings I have had extremely low down pulling feelings. Nothing that I've ever had before.

Am hoping this could be our month but don't want to get my hopes up. i haven't really had any other symptoms. :\?

Can anyone shed any light on this? How many of you had implantation pains or bleeds?

Good luck to all still trying, babydust to everyone!



  • my first pregnancy i had a implantion bleed at 7dpo and it lasted for 5 days,my second pregnancy i had a bleed at 7wks pregnant lasting a day and the doctor said it could have been implantion,good luck

  • fall3n-ang3l-how heavy was your implantation bleed that you said lasted 5 days?
  • The month I got my BFP I had a very light brown discharge at 8/9DPO, then a heavier brown discharge at 12DPO so it's certainly possible.

    Wishing you lots of luck xx
  • Thanks for the replies so far ladies. I haven't had anymore discharge at all, just a few niggles very low down on my right side. Only other 'symptoms' have been really tierd last 2 days and definitely bigger (.)(.)! lol!

    Not sure when to test? Am due AF Tuesday. Really hope it is time for BFP!
  • tbh i cant really remember,all i know that i just thought it was af as a week after it stopped i started to get really bad implantion pains (but i thought it was af pains) and i thought oh know i cant be having anouther af,put up with the pains for a week and then took a test

  • Hi starangels, test on Tuesday and big good luck hun!!!! Hope you get a BFP. When I was pregnant with my first I remember, wiping and getting pink stains on the toilet tissue, thinking AF was starting I was on holiday at the time and I remember being really bummed out about it, but then the spotting stopped and when a couple of weeks later I realised nothing had happened, I took a test and it was a BFP!!! I was 19 and wasnt expecting to be pregnant....i hope its good for you hun. I got a brown tinge in my cm yesterday and im only 6DPO today so who knows but fingers crossed!! xx
  • Thanks mrslolly! Good luck for you too! When are you going to test? I am going to wait til tuesday, though it's scary testing on a week day as I am a teacher and have to leave for school at 7am and h2b doesn't have to get up til gone 9am so wouldn't want to keep it to myself if it was a BFP nor wake him if it wasn't but know I will be sad and need a hug image
  • Ahh poor chick, im sure h2b wont mind being woken up either not testing until next is due thur 10th dec, but unless af doesn't show then im going to wait until the following sat cos then i will have time to think be it pos or neg on my own with hubby xx
  • That's what I was thinking of doing too but am a little worried because I would need to start Clexane injections immeadiately because I have a blood clotting condition so have been advised to ensure I do that straight away on a positive result. It's just scary!

    Hope you get your BFP hun! x
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