Is AF on the way...or just wishful thinking??!

I'm still waiting for my 2nd AF after coming off the pill last September and I'm on CD88. I've been doing ov tests every day to try and see if I'm ovulating. I've never had a line as strong as the test line but there's always been a faint second line and about 16 days a go the line was darker than it's been before (it still wasn't as dark as the test line though). Anyway, since then the lines have been much lighter and yesterday I could hardly see it. I've just tested today and there was no second line at all. I know I can't be pregnant because if I was I'd be getting positive ov tests but I was wondering if the missing second line could be a sign that AF is on her way? It may not mean that at all but I'm not sure how the whole hormone thing works really so thought I'd see if anyone knows! I make sure that I don't drink or wee for at least three hours before I test so it can't be down to that. xx :\?


  • sorry honey im not really sure. I didnt want to read and run!

    it does seem to make sense that it could mean AF was on the way.

  • mrsS - i had never tested, till yesterday and there was no second line at all - so fingers crossed for bot of us, that it DOES mean she's coming!
    so, did you always have a second line then? x
  • Thanks HomeFairy...I really really hope so!! Just want to get on with ttc!! xx
  • Hi Livvy - what are us two like, always wanting answers and searching for AF!!!! I didn't start testing until a few weeks after first AF finished. We weren't going to start ttc until the new year but then decided we couldn't wait...but my body had other ideas, typical!! But yes, ever since I first started testing I've always had a faint second line. It seems to vary from person to person though. I think some people don't get a second line and then when they're ovulating they get quite a faint line rather than a line as dark as the test line. It's just strange that I didn't get one at all today and if I did ovulate 15 days a go when I thought the line was darker then that would make sense...but at the same time I may be reading way too much into all this. Soon find out I guess!! xx
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