Hello! New to TTC

Hey everyone image I cant believe Im finally getting to post here! Me & fiance are finally going to start ttc #2 image We have a gorgeous 2 year old son and now its time for him to have a wee brother or sister! I've just finished AF today :lol: so off we go! My periods are being a bit iffy atm even though Ive never been on the pill or any other contraception apart from condoms - the last 2 have been 29 days and then 32 days but I think ovulated quite late last month (I have a very helpful iphone application for ttc haha)


Nice to meet you all! xoxo


  • Nice to meet you, we will be relying on you to post things like '10 reasons its worth going through all this for a baby' and so on...!!

    Hopefully you wont be in this section too long.

    lots of babydust!
  • Hello welcome to the mad world of TTC :lol:

    Sorry i have to say i love your PIC its excellent i saw it on another post and PMSL :lol: image image image image



    gembags xxxx
  • Hi allthatglitters and welcome to ttc!

    I hope your stay is a short one image

    I go between here and due in Sep, it's still pretty quiet in there and i like to keep up to date with all the gossip from in here!

    Good luck and hope you get your bfp soon :\)
  • Hi, welcome to BE and good luck!

    BTW I LOVE your avatar, lmoa! xxx
  • Hi ATG,
    welcome to ttc, hope to see your bfp soon x
  • Hiya and welcome to the madhouse that we call TTC!

    Also have to say I like your avatar, although I quite like Bella :lol:

  • hey everyone image thankyou for such a warm welcome!

    i do too like bella but it made me lmao, my new hobby seems to be saving hilarious twilight pics i see everywhere..they crack me up cus unfortunately im as hooked on it as a 13 year old :\( image ...it kinda makes me feel better about the whole thing!

    i hope im here not too long either but it is nice to be back on the site and talking to other people in my position :lol: im still a stay at home mum so will probably be on here quite a lot! xoxo
  • i am a SAHmum 2 image i am always on and off of here image

  • welcome to the up and down world that is ttc, best of luck to you xx
  • Hi and welcome to ttc!!

    Hope your stay in this section is short & sweet image xx
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