Goodbye & Good luck!!

Hi ladies, just thought I would say thank you for all the support and advice you've given me the past few months, even the months we weren't TTC!! What can I say? You've put up with my moans and complaints - normally about my mother in law!!!! image

Anyway, got my BFP a couple of days ago, and this morning got 2-3 weeks on a CB digital, so moving officially over to DIJ. But that doesn't mean you are going to get rid of me, bwahahaha!! I'll be watching from the sidelines for when you all get your BFPs.

Going to miss you all!!! Good luck & baby dust xxxxx


  • Aw no garfield you cant go hun!!

    Have a great time hope to be joining you soon

    Will miss you xx
  • thanks hun! All the best to you and Mr Garfield too!

    I'll be looking in January for a BA from you!
  • Ah, sorry to see you go - but glad you are going (if that makes any kind of sense?!)

    Have a very happy and healthy pregnancy and I hope to be chatting to you over on the Preg board before too much longer! xx
  • sorry to see you go, but hopefully will be joining you on the pregnancy board soon. have a great and healthy pregnancy too image x
  • It's fabulous news now bugger off to DIJ! hehe only kidding your always welcome to lurk like a weird pregnant lady! (i bet even being called weird is good, as long as pregnant is in the same sentence!) hehe x
  • Good luck and H&H 9 months ahead Garfield xx
  • Good luck and here's to a h&h 9mths, take care xx
  • Hehe, FlirtyFilly I totally agree!! Although when lo finally comes along I may just have to be the weird lady again... oh well! :lol:

    SD, don't worry I'll probably post quite often in TTC anyway; can't keep my tuppence to myself sometimes!! Going to really miss you as well, so wont stay away too much!

    And I want you all over in the pregnancy forum asap! Hmmm, I haven't even been over there yet... best do that!! hehe.

    Just wish I could take you all with me! :\(
  • so happy for u hun and look forward to joining u xxx have a h&h 9 months xxxx ((hugs))
  • all the best with your pregnancy chick,have a very happy healthy 9 month...maybe one month l see you in preg,you just never know xxxxxx
  • Noooooo dont go, your not allowed hehe.

    Hope all goes well with you, will pop into DIJ and see you every now and then. :\)

  • congrats hun and good luck xxxx
  • Congrats on your BFP! XX
  • Thanks hun!
    Good luck to you too, have fun!
  • that is brillent news. i'm so happy for u, but make sure u don't abandon us as u have some really good advice.
    have a H&H nine months.

  • Hope to be over there with you soon!

    Jen xxx
  • Ah what a lovely thing to do!! Makes me feel bad that I didn't do one!!

    Everyone is always amazing support on here!!

    I still lurk too!! He he!! Come on girls grab your men and get down and dance!!! Lol

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