Due in March is up!!!

Woohoo its here. I know I did this last month but im really really hoping I am one of the lucky ones that will be migrating over there image

Good luck everyone and hopefully DIM will be one busy forum ;\)


  • me 2 me 2!!! lol
    i am8dpo am sooo hope i can graduate to due in march!!!!
    gl 2 u hun xxx
  • I hope i go over there soon image
    god how im praying like mad.

    good luck
  • Wouldn't it be great if there were lots of us from TTCafterMC, we could keep each other sane as im sure its going to be one rollercoaster of emotions for us all :\(

    Lots of luck ladies and well done for not testing yet (saw on the other thread)
  • AHHH I'm desperate to test but not enough days PO yet! Good luck laies, let's hope we move to due in march over the next couple of weeks!!
  • image it would be amazing if we got BFP's..

    im also scared about how its going to feel. I wont be able to stop worrying until at least the 20 week scan or getting a bump showing LOL and will be dreading my 12 week scan. god how this MMC has affected me.

    GOOD LUCK image
  • I keep getting people telling me not to worry as the doctor will give me an early scan but that wont help either as my baby only died at 9weeks. If I had been scanned a day or 2 earlier I would have thought all was well :cry:

    Anyway onward and upward and over to DIM (hopefully) ;\)
  • baby--vivvy how many DPO are you?
  • It's nice to see they did it before ladies started getting March BFP's ... I guess we bugged them enough for February they set a reminder for themselves!!!

    GL ladies - I'm a March baby myself (6th) but I won't be having a March babe in 2011 :cry:

    Babydust to all!
  • Hehe *babylove* you beat me to it this time.



  • Oooooh, i really really wanna be in that forum. Hope we all get to go over to DIM soon
  • Babylove I am somewhere between 5&7 days PO I think! Didn't get a proper positive on opks but I have PCOS (and they were ebay cheapies!) so don't think they were accurate. Based on my CM think I ovulated 7 days ago but CM stayed like that for a couple of days before changing! We BDed almost everyday last week so whichever day it was we caught it!!

    And now for 2 days I have a constant need to wee feeling that has been worse in the afternoons and lower back ache! Trying not to convince myself either way but it's so hard! Kinda feels like a water infection accept they make me really poorly and I feel fine so no idea what is going on! Xx
  • Yey...............I want to join too, will you take me with you??

    I wont be officially joining any due in forums until I get a CBD to work due to my chem last month and being heart broken.

    Fingers crossed for us all this month woo hoo so glad DUE IN MARCH is up!!!

    Babydust to all

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