Tell the doc a little white lie!

Ive come to the conclusion after reading many posts on here that when you go to the docs to get help with ttc you should lie and say that you have been trying for longer than you have! It seems that they are not interested in helping you unless youve been trying for 6 mths to a year so why dont any ladies thinking about going to see your docs tell a little white lie? Do you think its wrong of me to suggest such a thing? xx


  • I don't think its wrong and I work for the nhs!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i agree. i knew i must have something wrong as my periods were all over the place and sometimes wouldn't have one for 3-4 months. after a bit of research on the net i worked out it much be PCOS so i went to docs and had this confirmed with some tests. as soon as i got with my partner and we'd decided we wanted kids i went to docs and said we'd been trying for just over a year (2 months), he reffered us straight away. it still took 4 months after been reffered to get to clinic then by the time we'd had all tests done it was another 4 months before we started 1st cycle. it then took 8 cycles to actually conceive using clomid and IUI. so i think a little white lie to the doc doesn't hurt, why delay getting reffered when the process is so long anyway. sometimes just knowing you've been reffered and someone is going to help you, relieves some of the stress on TTC and you may conceive naturally.
  • Thats what i thought the whole checking out process takes so long that you might as well tell a porky to get the ball rolling to start with! Glad you ladies agree, i thought people might say i was wrong for suggesting this!!! Im not at the stage of visiting gp yet only on my 4th mth of trying but ill certainly do this if i need to. xx
  • Hmmm - well, I went to docs and told the truth (that we've been trying for 21 months) and he said to come back in another few months if nothing has happened!!!!!!!!! Grrrr.
  • moggs def get 2nd opinion you only have to wait a year if under 35 to start tests and 6 mths if over 35.
    Filo x
  • I dont think theres anything wrong with telling a little white lie!
  • I agree with SB, unless you have another issue you should wait 6 months. The waiting lists for fertility treatment are huge. But f you have been trying for a while, I don't see any harm with telling a little white lie.
    We have been trying for 9 months, but only seriously (ie noting cycle times etc rather than the 'just relax and bd lots and it will happen' technique) since christmas, but come Sept, if nothing has happened we will go to the doc & say we have been trying a year and see what they say.

    Hope this doesn't upset anyone xxx
  • Hi Girls

    Im with SB and dappytart on this one.

    Me and my partner are on month 15 ttc and have got our first fertility appointment in a cpl of weeks the waiting lists are unreal here and some people have been waiting 2years just to get on clomid.

    So im sorry if i offend anybody but unless you think you have something wrong ie pcos or if you are over 35 then i think you should be trying for at least a year before seeking help.

    Jen xx
  • i dont think the is anything wrong with tell a little white lie lol x
  • I agree with SB, dappytart and jen.
    Wait until you have been trying for a year before going to the doc as there may be logical reasons why you arent concieving. i.e bad timing, not healthy, stress, unwell etc etc.
    I think treatment should be saved for people who really need it and definatly have proven problems with concieving.
    We have been trying for 7months for our 2nd baby so I know that it will one day happen for us.
  • Sorry hope i didnt offend anyone, what i meant was if you really think you have a problem (no periods, no signs of ov etc) then maybe you could just add on a few months when you tell them how long youve been ttc. It just seems that quite a few ladies on here are being treated badly by their gps who just tell them to relax and go away basically. Sorry!!! xxxx
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