Totally thick.....please help!

Hey ladies
i am also posting in TTC after Miscarriage but i have never even looked into TTC before!
What is there to know....i dont have a cloue when i ovulate or how to work it out?! No idea what CD means or DP or anything!
All im thinking of doing is Baby Dancing (i learnt that abbreviation lol) every couple of days when we officially start trying! In the mean time im going to find out as much as i can about it while taking folic acid and losing some weight!
I only miscarried last were not sure if we are going to TTC immediately or wait a while but i wanna be prepare when we do and know all i need to know image So any help you can give is greatly recieved! As you probly figured out the last pregnancy wasnt planned it was an accident so were trying to do it right this time!
Do i need to buy ovulation sticks??
And if so what kind do i buy?
How much are they?
See how clueless i am image


  • Hi Hun, first of all im so sorry about your mc. The ladies in ttcam are great if you need to chat.
    Basically if you have a 28 day cycle you prob ov around cd 14 but you might not so there are things to look out for. You may get ov pains or EWCM.
    If you do decide to wait a while before ttc then you should keep a little eye on your cycles to figure out when you do ov. You can get cheap opks from ebay. I got 15 for just under ??2.
    You count the first day of your period as cycle day 1. DPO stands for days past ovulation.
    This might also help

    Lots of luck xxx
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