How long does it take to conceive??

Hi all lovely mums and mum-to-bes,

Happy new year to you all! I am new to this forum so please excuse me if this question has been asked before - how long did it take you to conceive??

I've got married in September 2009, we have been 'halfheartedly' trying for baby since. Well, we wanted to have baby straight away so have had unprotected sex, but we have been very busy at work, plus we wanted to stop drinking and get our health back on track first, so we weren't really trying if that make sense??

We have decided New Year would be the best time to try for baby, which is of course very exciting for us!! I am desperately wanting to be pregnant now and I want to have my baby this year.. I am worried it might take a while to conceive and I am not getting any younger (have just turned 33 last month)
My sister & her husband had hardly tried at all and it happened straight away, whereas a friend took over a year and another friend has been trying for over 2 years now and still nothing..

So how long is considered normal??



  • Welcome...
    Lol who knows.,,,,

    I always though it would just happen really quickly, and it does for some people but we have been trying for about 5 months now.

    I posted a similar topic a while ago, have a look some great responses...

  • It just depends!Only 20% of couples conceive within 3 months, With our 1st it took 12 months, we are currently trying for our 2nd and have for 3 months so far and still no BFP. Sending you lots of luck though xx
  • as the others said it depends on a lot of things
    am currently on month 6 and nothing yet.

    Good luck TTC. Hope it happens soon for you but try to stay calm even if it takes a couple of months
  • hi hun, welcome. with my lo i conveived first month off the pill but this time round we are going into our 7th cycle. i really think everyone is different. hope you dont have to wait too long for that bfp.xxxxxxxxx
  • hey, i had unprotected sex for 4/5 years (not actually ttc) and i finally got pregnant, but lost my dd at 24 weeks, a year last septemeber, i tried to conceive straight away again but stopped last sept, and now im 5+6 pregnant!
    moral of the story dont try too hard relax, it will happen, i was sure i wouldnt get my bfp but i have!
    best of luck to you all, u all deserve it! xx xx

  • Hiya, im in a similar situation, we got married in Aug 09 and i came off the pill straight away. Im 32 and also really want a baby straight away but i felt myself obsessing after about 2 months and so i am calming right down and relaxing over it all as im worried that the stress and pressure will have the opposite effect. Ive started using opks which i feel has relaxed me as i know that im ovulating and when which i was a bit worried about. My sister had to have ivf for her dd and so that's all in the back of my mind. We're all different though hun and what ive learnt most from this site is to relax and try to enjoy ttc, you can come on here to share all your questions and worries.good luck and here's to bfps in 2010
  • i dont think anyone can really tell you how long it will take just that maybe it might ont happen as quick as you would like ive been ttc since june 2008 and not even had a wiff is a bfp

    the world work in mysterious ways chick so just relax and enjoy yourself xxx

    good luck xx
  • Thank you for all your replies and encouragements!
    I do try not to get too 'obsess' about TTC but all I can think of at the moment is baby baby baby.. haha

    Thanks Trying82 for the link, its a very interesting thread.

  • hello jasmine- we are on mth 16 and im 34, almost 35- we have already been to fertility spec and both me and hubby are "working properly" lol, and unfortunately in the few percentile that have unexplained infertiltiy- so it is really an individual thing considering ttc- I thought we would be preg right away also- but here's to all of us having bfp in 2010!!!
  • Hi all, just popping by. I stopped taking the pill sept 2009, and "caught" in May, so that was 8 months, however some doctors/people say it takes 6months (thereabouts) for the pill to get out of your system, so you can either think it took 8 months or it took 2-3 months. I know we all think at the time 8 months, but now looking back i see more sense. We both had wanted a baby for so long, but had decided to put it off until we had got married, finished uni and me in a job for a year after uni, so you can imagine how delighted we were when we could start TTC, and then taking 8 months.

    34+6 weeks
  • Hi Jasmine C,

    If it helps I fell pregnant straight away with our daughter.
    Then straight away with our second but then miscarried at 6+2 and have been trying since. Now on month 4 and becoming increasingly frustrated after it happening so quickly the last 2 times!

    Good luck!

    Amy xx
  • Hay well i fell preg with my boy on 1st month ttc he is 3 and have been ttc 2nd child for 17 months :roll:

    gems xx
  • hi
    we were very lucky as we conceived in our 2nd month of trying! Now just praying it all goes well.
    Good luck!
    Becks x
  • Hi,
    I fell pregnant with my son (now 10) without trying, i was still on the pill, although not being very careful about when i took it! With my 2nd son it took 15 months of actively trying, then we fell pregnant the 1st month i used OPK's. We lost him at 27 weeks though, and i fell pregnant again last month on my 3rd month of trying, we lost this one too!! So i'm back here and still trying. Everyone is different, Good luck, I hope you get your BFP soon xx
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