I'm back again for round 2!

Hi all,

I'm back in ttc again. I found out I was pregnant in April and joined the Jan forum - unfortunetly last Weds I had my 12 week scan and little bean stopped growing, so had ERPC on Friday.

Technically haven't started ttc yet, but will do in a few days!!!

I've got my thermometer and chart on the ready to start plotting again!!



  • hi rach i am quite new on here, so sorry to hear about your little bean xxx must be awful for you, good luck ttc xx
  • i am really sorry to hear that honey. BEst of luck with trying again and we are all here for one another image

    k XXX
  • Hi Mrs F

    Am so sorry to hear of your loss. Really hope you get your BFP again really soon.
    Babydust to everyone who is trying again this month
  • H Mrs F, so sorry to hear what happened, I can't imagine how that must make you feel, but just wanted to say good luck for when you start again. Are you ttc you first, or do you have any lo's already?

    Caroline xxx
  • sorry for you losing your little bean and good luck for trying again image
  • I'm ok, one of those challenges that life gves you! Quite looking forward to the 'trying' part again!

    No kids yet - we are trying for our first.

    Loads of ultra sticky babydust to everyone.

  • hey mrs f. so sorry to hear about your little bean! good luck with ttc.
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