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AF -6 days late and now she shows!

Well i don't know whether laugh or cry. AF has arrived within last few minutes. Feel it's a shame it wasn't my month, but elated that at least iv'e had a period. Heres to next month. I must have had some inkling as i bought some OV tests at tesco today. Filo x


  • Hey hun, hope ur ok...bring on november i say...hopefully santas guna bring us all a extra xmas pressie!!! xxx kim xxx
  • Hi
    My AF was 5dys late this mth after 2 BFN it decided to show. Like you I was glad when it eventually showed.

    Fingers crossed November is our mth.

    Helen x x
  • Post withdrawn
  • i think me, you and Jess17 have all sync'd with each other - dont worry babes! BRING ON NOVEMBER!

  • lol, November is supposed to be the fertility who knows!!!!. I'm on Day 5 today, the last day of my AF, although nothing much shows today (sorry tmi). So on what day should i start using the ov sticks based on a cycle of erm! ... 29-45 days lol!!! I've now averaged it out to 29-34days cause this last cycle was completely off track
  • WHAY HEY!!! well ive always felt confident that Nov would be my month - it means August babies! How cute!!!!Im so confused as to when i will ov? i logged and it says like 8-11 November or something should i ignore that and go for every other day?

    TBH girls! i dont know about you but i feel fine about A/f the worst feeling is the bit after ov waiting for a/f - thats painful lol!!!

  • They say the colder months are better for conception. My little boy turned 4 on sunday, but i'd love a summer baby so could have an outdoor party and not be stuck in.According to my tracker will OV between nov 9th and 19th. Good luck to all of us gonna be BFPs in november. Babydust liberally sprinkled. Filo x
  • Im going to go for the every other day as from Monday next week!!! im hitting the throttle hard and OH hasnt got a chance! - wouldnt it be the best xmas present ever to get a BFP in the beginning of December!!! tee hee! I would def hold out and tell everyone on xmas day!

    Too much xmas talk!! tee hee!!! im so excited to get on with this baby dancing....

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