sex of your baby when you BFP?

I was just being nosey really, how many of you would find out the sex of your baby when you get your BFP? Its that question on the left hand side thats got me thinking really. Also SIL found out but had to pay for the sex scan and she went and bought loads of pink things as soon as she found out.

Do they not tell you anywhere in the country or is it just here? Im so confused?!!

Did those of you with children find out??


  • we found the sex out for my daughter but have always said that we wouldnt for the next one! although it is a lot easier to find out the sex and tbh i dont think im going to be able to help myself. i had no problem finding out the sex and didnt realise they charge in some places. xxx
  • i didnt find out with either of my two children as i love the suprise! wont find out if i am luck enough to get pg a third time. i live in cumbria and it is free as far as i no but some hospitals dont offer an anomoly scan i think.
  • WE found out with our DS as decided it was much easier to get prepared and buy in advance 1st year's worth of clothes while still had full wages etc. If & When we get BFP for No 2 we don't know, we said originally we'd keep it as a surprise but now not so sure, as think it maybe easier for DS to understand what he's getting!
  • i like to know, i found out with my son and i decided on his name, clothes, we got pressies from my work.. and it felt like we knew him when he arrived. it was like 'ahhhh ben is here at last!' i would love a surpise but for me, knowing works best! i am an organiser at heartxx
  • so did you just get told?

    As its about ??100 for the scan here, do you think that would be worth it when you get your BFP?

  • so did you just get told?

    As its about ??100 for the scan here, do you think that would be worth it when you get your BFP?

  • they just basically ask you "do you wanna no the sex of the baby" and depending on the answer they tell you! i would say its worth it expense wise in the long run if you definatly want to no the sex!
  • Hiya, I wouldn't want to know - would want to keep it as a suprise xx
  • ive spoken to people like that, they just had some white clothes and everyone bought them so much anyway.

    like you cant put it back!!!

  • I will keep it as a suprsie although hubby is very keen to find out image

    Just something to think about though, someone I know was told that she was haiving a girl at her 20 week scan, so went out and brought loads of pink things, chose name and started calling bumpt that etc etc. Anyhoo, they were then offered a free 4D scan at about 28 wks and when they had they were asked if they would like to find out the sex of the baby. The pg lady told them that they already knew that they were having a girl - only to be told, no you're not, you're having a boy!! They've had to take all the pink things back and are having to try and think of a new name.

    Just goes to show you can't always be sure image

  • i hate suprises so we'll be finding out, hubby is keen to know too. After rainbows story i won't be buying anything until after 28weeks, (yeah like that will happen) My sister in law found out with her 2nd and they chose a name and it was lovely. Think helped with the first daughter because she knew mummy was having izzy rather then just a baby.
  • rainbow i know a couple of people thats happened to.xxxx

    we didnt find out with our little girl and loved all the guessing all through the pregnancy.we wont be finding out with the next one
  • i think im starting to now like the idea of a surprise more and more!!

  • I didn't find out with either of my pregnancies and I wouldn't find out when i get pg again, it's so exciting not knowing and it's a wonderful suprise when they arrive. Personally I would be happy with a boy or a girl as long as it's healthy so knowing isn't a priority for me xx
  • I found out with my boy ans think i would again we had a name for him and i used to chat aeay to my belly..... once on a bus i told him off :lol: i was sitting there and i just said Tyler pack it in lol eeryone must of thought i was nuts xx

    I would love a girl this time but i am really not bothered as long as it healthy and im going to be a mummy again image

    gembags xx
  • aw bless-what was he doing to get told off?

    how cute!!!!

    x x x
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