Cycle Buddies

I had my first peak today which means i will be 1dpo on tuesday. Do i have any cycle buddies out there to SS with? xx


  • hi katie, I am roughly the same as you I think. Due to ov on tuesday, AF due 29th dec. when are you due??
    Good luck!!x
  • Hi Becks01. AF is due on 30th Dec so i've said i am not going to test til new years eve. Thats not going to happen. I was testing from about 6dpo last month!!! I'm off to Barcelona next week for a few days so at least i have a little something to take my mind off the 2ww. xx
  • hi girls, i am due AF on 2nd - but thought i was due to OV today?! Seems like I might be wrong though? Or do you just think our cycles are different?
    I am so excited about possibly testing this month, its our first try - trying so hard to not get my hopes up! x
  • Ov can happen on a different day each month hun. It's your Luteal Phase that stays the same each month. I know what you mean about getting your hpoes up. It's hard not to get excited as ov approaches. Hope you get your BFP very quickly. xx
  • ah hah - thanks for the explanation katie...i'm v new to this and having been on the pill for SO long, i dont even remember what OV'ing feels/looks like and havent had any signs yet....just gotta wait it out i spose...but thats the worst part!!! x
  • I feel like waiting is all i do. Waiting for ov, 2ww then waiting to see if AF rears her ugly head. Any questions you have feel free to ask. There are lots of knowledgable ladies on here. xxx
  • good luck everyone - I am determined not to POAS till we get back from spain on new years day! xx
  • well Katie, the SS starts here...!! x
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