When you gonna poas?

Hi ladies i was just wondering when you were all gonna test. Im 9dpo and if i can wait that long im gonna test 1 day before af due which will be sun 11th (af due 12th) Ive already got bfns on 5dpo and 7dpo, i know too earlt but i just cant help myself. lol. xx


  • Debbiemc step away from the HPT!
    Try and wait as long as you can, much easier said than done & yes you can call me a hypocite after my last month.x
  • Good luck for testing - if af hadn't arrived I was going to test tomorrow which should have been af arrival day or one day early - not sure of lengths yet!! Sending you loads of babydust. I don't need any for a while!!!
  • af due 18th so think ill test 17th x


  • Ive tried stepping away star27 but i can hear them calling me from inside my wardrobe!! lol. I dont wanna see another bfn but then again it could be a bfp!! sorry i cant help myself xx
  • LOL I know I know its tough....ok.... just have a go and if its neg just say its too early! hehehehe!
  • AF due Fri 16th so will test Thur 15th, keeping everything crossed for a BFP or it's on to month 6 for us :\(
  • lol. maybe ill do one tomorrow, then i can use fmu. Ive got loads of tests from 99p store so its ok, it wont break the bank. lol. xx
  • I was going to hold out until Friday 9th May (CD26) but have pains in abdomen and bleeding (so think she has arrived early!).

    No POAS for me this month!
  • guna test sat which outs me at 8or9dpo...cus im going to a hen night..!!! If bfn leaving it til the 12th af is due the 14th!!! xxxxxx p.s i may of sucumbed this morning (5dpo) but that was lilacs fault she forced me too!!!!! xxxxxxx
  • Ohh mrs ward what a bummer! Im certain next month will be your month so keep hold of that pma chain it to your wrist if you have to!!! lol. Woomummy, your as bad as me testing early, bad, bad lilac for forcing you to test, shes gonna get a smack on the bum for that. lol. xx
  • i've got pains and had them for over a week now but still no AF I tested last Thursday and Friday and they were BFN so don't know what to do now...
  • Blondie32, that must be tough when af hasnt arrived but it feels like its about to. When was your last af? xx
  • I came off the pill in March then had my normal AF as usual on 28th March so calculating 28 days I was due on 24th April? I know i'm being impatient as I have been told it takes a while for your body to adjust after being on the pill but I have never had these pains before when AF is due?
  • Yes ive heard a lot of ladies on here saying it can tack a while for af to become regular after coming off the pill but it doesnt make it any easier for you when all you want to do is bd for england and get your bfp. I really hope it arrives soon so you can get on with making a baby, or not and you get a bfp. xx
  • I hope so too because it sooo frustrating waiting for her to arrive.... I'm gonna wait till Friday and if she hasn't arrived I will test one more time just to put my mind at ease...
  • Good luck for fri hun xx
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