CD7 of 30-40 day cycle and absolutely no PMA :\(

I'm still gutted as I really thought we'd done it last month only for my temp to plummet and AF to arrive bang on time. :cry:

I'm on CD7 now and as my cycles are a bit irregular I could OV anywhere between CD16 and CD30, is anyone else at a similar point? I'd love to find some cycle buddies to try to keep PMA up and do the 2ww together. :\)


  • Hi love i think i am on the same as you, just trying to work my CD date out, i am on CD 9 of my first month trying.

  • Hi pink h!
    Wow, your first month trying, you must be so excited! Is this your first or do you have any other little ones? Me and my hubby are trying for our first baby. This will be our 5th cycle ttc. Five has always been my lucky number so fingers crossed! xx
  • Hi i have a 17 months old already, but i dont want big age between them, so trying now and hoping it does not take me that long this time. i came of pill this month, so can not wait to get a BFP. We will ov at same time lets hope we both get the BFP image

  • Super (((((hugs))))) and babydust coming your way chook xxx
  • ah hun i know exactly how you feel. I was completely gutted as really thought we had done it this month too x
    Just got to keep on going chick xx You got anything planned for the weekend? x
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