Well, should I....

I have loads of EWCM today, (so much i've changed my pants !!!sorry tmi) the first time since ttc so I can't wait til dh gets home...takeaway tonight !!LOL :lol:

But I go on holiday on sunday which means af will be due before I came home...so do I take a test with me or wait til i get back????:\?

I need your opinions to help me decide...

Maxi xxx


  • Wait, wait, wait! This is purely selfish - we want to know as soon as you test, and we won't if you test on holiday!

    Good luck with it. And hope your OH is enjoying himself...!
  • i would wait until you come home and try and relax on your holiday and not think about ttc but its up to you. plus coming home from holiday sucks and imagine you if get home,then test and get a bfp,it would have been worth coming home for,lol. anyway its up to you but i wouldnt want to test on holiday and get a bfn and have it ruin my holiday but its your choice x
  • Thanks girls, I'm such a poas addict I feel the need to have one with me at all times !lol
    (pis en un palillo is pee on a stick in spanish!!!! hahaha)
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