AF - back on cd 1!

Good morning ladies,

Well I believe the witch has paid me a visit today - lots of brown cm and pink on tp which tends to be the start of af for me.
I'm not disappointed as we haven't been trying properly (due to Mr Wildthings stage fright!) so i'm back on cd1 and month 3.
I'm feeling good as cycles seem to have got shorter - they were 35, 29 and now 27/8 days so its all good, plus I'm going on holiday on sunday for a week so can "chillax" and have a few glasses of vino!

Good luck if you're still in with a chance this month!



  • hope u hve a nice holiday huni and gd news about ur cycles.....this is my 1st month ttc so im going by 28days buy maybe im wrong lol
  • cd1 isnt until you have red flow chick,sorry shes showing her ugly face tho,hope you have anice relaxing holiday and enjoy the vino image xx
  • Bit of a pest isn't it wildthing, but glad you're staying positive. Don't think she's far away for me either! x
  • That'll be tomorrow then Grudie which will be dead on the 28 days!.
    Thanks Hols - hope your cycles are on time and yes Loobylou it is a pest but hey ho what can ya do!? I'll be matched up with my baby to be soon enough so bring on the vino! LOL.
    Good luck and babydust ladies xx
  • Wildthing, i was following your symptom spotter thread - i love your positive attitude. Baby dust for next month, and i agree with vino in the meantime, it's bank hol monday and nearly lunchtime, i think now's a good time for a glass!xxx
  • Hi Geekie, thank you for that message! We all keep each others pma up which really helps.
    Yup I'm thinking it's vino o'clock too! Hopefully the symptom spotters thread has helped at least one person, I know it kept me semi-sane, lol xx
  • As suspected, I am deffo on cd1, going my iperiod I calculated to early last time and this cycle was def a 28 day one. Tis all good! Xx
  • I am now on cd1 as well so we can be cycle buddies wildthing! Let's have loads of pma this month and hopefully it'll be a lucky month for us all.
  • Sorry to hear WT... GL for next month...

    I think AF is knocking on my door too - I have some nasty cramps last night and today but no spotting yet...

  • Hi Rach, yup deffo be cycle buddies and lots of pma and bd coming our way for June!
    Frillypink I hope she doesn't rear her ugly head for you, do you usualyy get spotting just before? xx
  • Ah, damn it wildthing. i too am an avid follower of the symptom spotting thread. But like you said you get to enjoy the vino now and know that your cycles are regulating.
    No sign of AF yet but had some cramping but trying to stay positive either way.
    Babydust for this cycle
  • I'm back on CD1 today too, so with you for the next cycle! better luck next month for all of us!
  • Hi Wispa, thanks for that hun and yea the vino is a bonus! How you feeling? Keeping my fingers crossed for you. When are you due? Have you tested yet?
    Going to start a thread for us ladies that are back on cd1. Xx
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