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PMA thread, what will you miss when pregnant?



  • SEX, i dont remember having any in the last few months!!!!! lmao. xxx
  • Oh debbiemc don't let my hubby hear you say that! xx
  • Wine, brussels pate and SEX!! - lost my sex drive completely when pg with dd1 and only just got it back a few months ago :lol:
  • LOL @ Vass's hubby!! My husand just doesnt come near me for the last few months!! lol. xxx
  • Dont worry girls you are allowed peanuts now. Also you can have prawns as long as they have been cooked right through and arent raw. As for the sex part well dh wont come near me until we've had our 12 week scan in case he damages anything! ah bless him Although i dont think either of us will last long when we do finally get down to it! haha
  • Brie, alcohol and playing netball!
  • the only thing i will miss is being slimmer lol, having lost 3 and a bit stone but its worth it lol xxx
  • hmmmm, I do like runny eggs. I will miss sleep (I had so many sleepless nights when I was pregnant last time) and Zumba!!

    i go zumba, i figured as i have been doing it for months it would be ok to carry on?
  • Really miss runny boiled eggs and stilton image
  • I already miss wine image LOVE brie and stilton etc so apparantly that's now a no-no. NO DELI MEATS OR PARMA HAM??!! I don't know how I'm going to cope...!!!! :lol: xxxxx
  • Ooo you ladies are almost putting me off TTC :lol:

    I'll miss everything on this thread, but especially wine, pate and cheese....and runny eggs image

    It would all be worth it though!

  • Me too grudie! Though im sure ill miss wine on a Friday night after work. X
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