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Hi Ladies,

I still havent OV'ed according to my CBFM and i am on CD22, i was wondering (i am on my second month of using it) when will it stop asking me to POAS and also if i still havent OV'ed by the time it does then what can i do to make it start asking me again.
I am sure i read somewhere that i could reset it back to CD5 so it will ask me on CD6, would that be ok do you think?

Tink xx

OMG i have just realised something...i was thinking about not getting my peak and i have just realised. My OH gets up at around 5am to go to work, these past few mornings i have been needing a wee soooo much despite not drinking anything before bed. I hadnt even acknowledged it until now but i have been getting up around 5.30am for a wee and then going back to bed and getting up at 7am and then doing my POAS and putting it in the CBFM. Could this affect my chances of seeing that peak?

I cant believe i havent noticed myself doing it, very tired lately so that might explain it a little .... i am sure i am going insane. I didnt turn my CBFM on on this cycle until 10am (had a lie in :\() so i couldnt even POAS at 5.30am anyway but i am now wondering if that has affected the reading on the CBFM??????????

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  • bloody be ate my reply

    you cbfm will ask you to use the whole 20 sticks as its made for cycles of up to 35 days,if you havnt ov'd it might next month ask you to poas from a leter date then usual its just getting used to you system

    if you dont ov you can set it 3-5 days later your next cycle ie your cd 5 and set that on cd 1 at your cd 5,hope that makes sense

    i would go around messing it up on and off chick your only on month 2 its prob still getting used to you

    i have used mine for 7 months....not this past 1 1/2 months tho having a break but on month 6 i didnt ov yet had every other month but at different times,i no its hard but just go with the flow until something comes either your BFP or Af and set it at a later date giving you longer into your cycle to test xx
  • hey, yeah it will ask you to use 20 sticks so depends what cd it started asking from, i have heard that even if you are technically getting a high or peak on the last stick though it'll give you a low no matter what!(and i think this is true as i always get peaks but this month only highs and then i remembered that i set it wrong and it was the last poas day that i got a low so i think there's truth in it anyway - we just kept BD as normal!!!) you can re set it if you want on the 19th day of poas after you've had tyour result to CD 5 so you still get to POAS the next day as well, and then it'll continue to ask for another 20, though when u get ur peaks and final high u can stop as you'll need to re set it again next month (so you don't have to do this every month!) and basically lie to it which day you are but make note in your diary, i normally set mine to cd 5 when i'm actually on cd12-14 ish. hope this helps. oh and makes sense! xx
  • I have been thinking, instead of fretting about that peak, if i dont get it instead of meddling with the CBFM i will just BD every 2-3 nights until i get my next AF which could be a while if my body starts playing up again.

    Oh but wait that doesnt make sense, cause if i do get AF then obv i won't be pregnant and it will all be a waste DUH!!! Lol ok i will just BD every 2-3 nights until i either get a BFP (if i ger any symptoms) or until AF arrives. Apologies, i was kind of thinking outloud then!!! xx
  • you peeing later might have affected the reading yeah but you have a 6 hour window for testing so if you turn it on at 5.30 on cd1 yopu hav until 11.30 to test,they just prefer you test at the same time every day but aslong as its not after the 6 hour window or it wont as you to test

    i start mine at 9am every time x
  • Hi Tink

    Like Grudie says, the early wee might be throwing out the results as your 7am wee may have weaker concentrations of the hormones.

    When do you usually OV?

    From now on, you could try having your 5.30am pee in a cup then dipping a stick within the 6 hour testing window?
  • I suppose i could, i didnt know if i could leave a cup of wee for a while though lol.
    I started mine at 10am this time so my 6 hour window is from 7am-1pm. I suppose i could wee in a cup and leave it until i wake up again.
  • On my opk tests it says not to use the first wee of the morning as the LH won't show till later, it suggests I test between 10.30am and 8pm xxx
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