Yippee, only 7 days to wait till i can start using ov sticks

Im so excited this will be the 1st time ive used ov sticks, hope im not getting myself all worked up for nothing! lol. Be positive this will be my month! she repeats over and over again! xx


  • Yay debbie, good luck with the ov testing. Remember not to use FMU and test after you've not had a drink for a couple of hours. Hope you get a +.
  • I was going to use them in the morning, it says its ok, im using the digi ones. Is it not a good idea then? xx
  • All the ov sticks i've used it says don't use FMU but to test beween 10am and early evening because the surge does not happen first thing. Although if you use Fert Monitor then you use FMU but i'm not sure how they work.
  • good luck debbiemc!!

    hope they work out for you!!!
    i don't get the differance either, why with monitior do you use FMU and with sticks you don't, i thought they looked for the same thing?

    would love to know the answer to this one!!!
  • Hi Debbiemc, I started using them a few days ago and mine have said not to use first thing in the morning. I now have a ritual when I get home from work. They seem really simple to me although I haven't had a positive but am not expecting one til today, tomorrow, Sunday or Monday!! It's very exciting!!

  • Thanks everyone! Wow that was lucky summer41 getting a positive on the 1st day you used them. Im gonna read through the leaflet again because the morning is the best time for me really. It says that you must not have done a wee for at least 4 hrs to test and not drunk too much fluid, so morning would be best. good luck for this month summer and all you ladies. xx
  • Hiya

    I used them last month but giving them a miss this month. I just used the clearblue normal POAS ones.

    It was soooo nice seeing a positive on a stick!!! LOL

    I struggled with the 'not peeing for 4hrs' a lot, and sometimes only managed 3hrs if that. I did do it in the afternoon because I was told the morning wasn't great. wished I'd known morning was ok because that would have been so much better for me!

    good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I used cbd ov tests this and last month with fmu. Didn't notice it said not to infact it suggested using them first thing as it's easier with the not weeing for 4 hours or drinking too much. It works for me except for waking up 2 hours early feeling like I need a wee and then every half hour after lol!!! Doesn't happen unless I'm using the sticks lol!!!
  • I would also recommend monitoring your cm at the same time, if you aren't doing that at the moment, so you know what to expect when you get your positive opk.

    good luck
  • [email protected] deputygibbon lying in bed cross legged! lol. x
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