What will happen at doctors? Will she actually do anything?

Hi everyone,
Hope someone can help. Came off the pill in January and as yet no proper af, although two lots of brown spotting about 5 weeks apart. When I went to the doctor in April about this, she said to come back in June if still no af and they could give me something to bring it on. Do you think brown blood counts as af or should I go back to doctors? If I do, does anyone know what she is likely to give me? I know normally you have to have been trying a year to get referred anywhere, but some of you ladies seem to have managed to get a referral earlier, so any tips on how to get things moving would be greatly appreciated. Just feel like I'm moving nowhere fast at the moment. Feel like a right failure as a woman cos can't even have a period, let alone a baby. My husband has two children from a previous marriage and they were both unplanned, just happened, so if there's a problem it must be with me and it's really getting me down. Sorry for the long post. Lots of babydust to everyone xxx


  • Hi manicmiz!! Sorry to hear you are having such probs! I haven't been there myself - but I would think the doc is likely to give you medication to start AF - similar to what they give people with PCOS. The only reason I think this is that I had suspected PCOS and gynae advised me that I could get pills if I did if I had no AF within 2 mths! They make your cycles regular. I don't know what they are called though. Maybe someone else does? Good luck tho xx
  • Thanks immense. Do you know would the pills kick-start ovulation as well or just af? (as apparently you can have one without the other my doctor said). Am going to look up symptoms of PCOS as seems to be quite common. If I do have a problem, would just rather know now than wait another six months! x
  • Hi manicmiz.

    I have heard of this drug before, and think it is one of the ones potentially used in your situation. Obviously I don't know this is the route your GP will take. But it won't hurt to read up a little? xx


  • what symptoms have you had? Mine was suspected PCOS or endometriosis (similar symptoms) but thank fully turned out to be neither!! Just VVVV painful AF (dysmennhorea).

    Mithicals link is great about a possible drug!
  • Well not sure really,immense, as was on pill for so long that don't know what is normal and what is not! But my skin has got really bad again since coming off pill and I know acne is a symptom. Thanks mithical for the link. I guess if it's something like that then ttc will be on hold for a while, but will be worth it if cycle gets back to normal and kick-starts ovulation. Will def. try and get back to doctors this week.
  • hi manixmiz

    if you follow this link it tells you all about pcos and the symptoms! It may be what you have - but hopefully not!!

  • Hmm interesting. I definitely have some of the symptoms but not all. I am not overweight which seems to be one of the major symptoms, but doesn't Victoria Beckham have pcos and Jules Oliver and they're both skinny? Guess I'll just mention it to the doctor and see what she says. Thanks for your help guys x
  • I would go back as I dont think you should count brown blood as af. Im sure they only count full-flow red blood.

    Good luck, hope she can sort things out for you xxx


  • Thanks babybump, I think you're right. x
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