Stupid things we general!

Just thought would changethe topic abit - but does anyone else do really stupid things?

Today I drove into my usual car park and then heard a crunch. Had forgotten that I still had a roof box on from holidays. It wouldn't be so bad except I did the exact samething in the same car park last year and we had borrowed the roof box this time - because I broke it last time. x


  • Not done that one before - did you have to leave something behind.

    I have also in the space of one week - got aspeeding ticket, left the handbrake off the car so it rolled into the house and then put ??45 of petrol into my diesel car on the way to a concert in london. A very expensive week!!
    Glad it's not just me x
  • I filled my car up with petrol, and only had an out of date debit card on me! Completely forgot the other one hadn't turned up in the post! Was on way home from work, so didn't have any other cards, or anything to leave him. Had to leave my work security pass in the end, which didn't impress. Had to drive home, get OH's card and go to cash point! xx
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