Anyone else with iregular periods?

First of all hello to everyone as im new to this board!

I used to come onto babyexpert forums when my daughter was born 2 and a half years ago. My daughter was a "surprise" so I didnt experience trying to conceive last time so this is all new to me! Ive been off the pill since sept and havn't conceived yet. I have really iregular cycles which makes it difficult to know when im ovulating and also when my period is late or not. Every month I think, it hasnt come yet I must be pregnant then it comes a few weeks later! :\( Ive always had iregular periods since I was a teenager but I could always contol them with the pill.

Anyone else with iregular periods?

Amy x

P.S Ive been reading other posts but cant work out all your abbreviations! :\?


  • hiya, welcome! hehehe you will pick up the abreviations lo, yeah ive had irregular AFs, (aunt flow) since comong off the pill too, every 12 days i think, didnt htink i had OV'd atall (ovulated) but i had EWCM (eggy white cervical mucus) a coupld of days ago so im guessing i have OV'd this time, so hopeully i will have a normal cycle this month! maybe invest in a CBFm (clear blue fertility monitor,) it tell you when you OV (AF normally comes 14 days after OV) so you should be able to work out a bit more when you will be coming on?

    hope that wasnt too confuding lol, i managed to confuse myself when typing! heheeh good luck ttc! (trying to conceive lol) and have fun BDing (baby dancing) xxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks for that! Thats cleared up a few of them! image
    Im glad someone else is in the same boat as me!

    Amy x
  • Hi Amy,

    I think I will have irregular periods when I finally get one (been a very very long wait since coming off pill in Jan) as dr says pill will be out of system by now and that what I am currently experiencing is 'normal' for my body (though I hope every cycle isn't 3 months + !). Anyway to try and make me feel better about it all I bought some opk (ovulation predictor tests) from ebay and use those to help tell me when I will ovulate (not had a positive yet but hopefully soon). Or as *me* says a clear blue digital ovulation predictor is also meant to be very good.

    Hope that helps

  • yeah its a nightmare! im thinking they are now starting to regulate tho...finally, apparently accupuncture can help, also something called agnus castus, and also rasberry leaf tea? just things ive heard, but i wouldnt worry too much, as you got pg b4, so just BD as much as poss! lol xxxxx

    oooo also CD (means cycle day, normaly someone will put CD1, or something) and DPO, is days past ovulation. poas, pee on a stick, and thats all i can think of at the mo lol x
  • I have irregular periods. Came off pill in Nov and had 55day cycle 50day and then 28day. Hopefully this one will be around 28days. I have had 3 sessions of reflexology to help bring my cycle back into balance. It has worked so far. I also love it. 1hour of someone working on my feet: bliss.
    I use a cbfm and am CD20 (cycle day) . Have a high for 2nd day in a row!
  • Ohhh yes Im having the crazy cycles too! oh and welcome to the TTC forum! image

    My cycles are not all that great, worst ive had is going from a 80 day cycle to a 24 day cycle which i just had last month! I know how you mean about about not knowing when your OVing. I used OV sticks last month but Im going to end up spending a fortune on them if i use them every month coz my cycles are all over the place.
    Im on CD20 and havent a clue when I OV'd so dont know what DPO i am.


  • welcome to TTC.
    Yes me too! I have a really irregular cycles too. Took 3 1/2 months after starting pill to get first AF, now on CD 37 and counting.

    I have invested this month in a CBFM (clear blue fertility monitor) ready for next month to try and work out was it going

    Good luck TTC x
  • Oh yes!! Over the last 18 months mine have ranged from 21 days to 76 days!!! Not much fun!!!

    It really is horrible! Wish i could he normal!! Lol!! Whatever that is!!!

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