OV question - sorry if TMI


I am a bit confused as have been getting a lot of EWCM today - sometimes comes out as large lumps (sorry if TMI) - does this mean that I have OV or I am going to? I think I am on CD15/16 so from reading other posts I think I should have by now.

Would really appreciate any advice you guys have, am new to this and so am not sure if this is normal for me or if it is just because I am actually looking for things now.



  • if you can stretch it more than an inch between your fingers then I would guess it's a sign you are or are about to ovulate so I would get busy if I were you. CD 16 is not unusual but it depends on how long your cycle is. Not all women ovulate on day 13/14.
  • Hi! Def sounds promising to me! It's taken me 4 months to work out my cycles and I seem to ovulate anywhere between CD19 - 21, and cycles are between 31 - 36 days so I don't think there is such a thing as "normal" with this TTC lark!

    Clare x
  • Thanks for the advice beanz and MrsAgate

    Will get BDing - then just need to resist urge to POAS for the next couple of weeks!!!
  • Yes thats the hard bit!!! I'm in 2 week wait at the moment, a fully fledged member of Symptom spotters anonymous, soon to be graduating to POAS addict anonymous!!

    Sending you lots of baby dust,

    Clare x
  • Didn't want to r&r. Good luck MrsRoss. x
  • Thanks Mithical

    Hope all is going well for you too :\)
  • MrsRich and MrsAgate looks like we could all be in symptom spotter anonymous together!! MrsRich - glad you have got there in the end :\)

    Have a feeling I am going to drive myself mad in the 2WW as thought I was seeing symptoms before I OV - whoops, will get the hang of this I'm sure :\?

    Have been BDing and trying the legs in the air after to avoid gravity taking effect :lol: OH finds it very amusing if a bit confusing too
  • Hi MrsRoss, good luck with this ttc lark xx My dh finds the legs in the air not very amusing...thinks i'm dissing his swimmers abilities !! lol xx
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