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The sweetest aid to conception!!...Honey ...


Let me know what you think xx

"The sweetest aid to conception
Known as the Nectar of the Gods, honey has long been held in esteem for its medicinal and antiviral properties but, according to at least one beekeeper and several researchers around the world, it is also of great benefit for people struggling to conceive.
Who put the honey in honeymoon?
Sweet success - why is honey good for baby-making?
Honey facts
" Honey, I'm pregnant!"
Who put the honey in honeymoon?!
Have you ever wondered just where this word originates? Apparently it stems from Anglo-Saxon times when newlyweds would take honey every day for a month to increase fertility and maintain 'bedroom performance'!
Even earlier than this, the ancient Semites attributed the presence of honey to Astarte, the goddess of sexuality, fertility, maternity, love and war. Even the Old Testament refers to the fertile Promised Land as 'the land of milk and honey'.
According to beekeeper Clive Brockdorff and his wife Susan Fletcher, a nutrition consultant, the belief that honey enhances fertility and sexuality is one that is maintained today. Furthermore, research supports this claim.
"Pollen stimulates ovarian function in women trying to conceive," explains Susan who, together with Clive owns and operates Apitherapy Foods, a Norfolk based company which provides bee products from their apiary of over 2 million bees.
"Put a woman who's struggling to conceive on bee pollen and you can pretty much guarantee a result within two or three months."
Sweet success - why is honey good for baby-making?
Bee pollen is a mixture of bee saliva, plant nectar and true pollen. It is rich in minerals such as copper, potassium, sodium and zinc in addition to 24 others and of the 22 amino acids known to man, 20 have been found in bee pollen.
Susan attributes the high pregnancy rates to the properties in pollen which are supported by 'masses of research'. Several studies both in Europe and the US have researched the beneficial links between bee pollen and sexual health. Pollen has been shown to;
Restore and rejuvenate tired or ageing sex glands in both male and female. This is because it contains natural hormonal substances that stimulate and nourish the reproductive system.
Increase sexual stamina and endurance
Improve sexual dysfunction caused by prostatic disorders
Stimulate ovarian function and increase the biological value of the egg
Alleviate symptoms associated with PMS
So is it any wonder then that some women are attributing their pregnancies to bee pollen? Susan doesn't think so. "I can't tell you how many women my Clive has got pregnant," she laughs.
As well as pollen, honey contains other beneficial properties that not only aid sexual and reproductive disorders but provide general health benefits for the whole body.
Royal Jelly
Royal jelly is the food secreted by the nurse bees and fed to the growing Queen. It consists of about two thirds water and one third dry matter and helps the Queen live up to five years compared to the lifespan of the worker bee of just six weeks plus six months hibernation.
Royal jelly is rich in B vitamins, enzymes, hormones and amino acids and assists in the treatment of PMS, the menopause, infertility and impotence. As a hormone balancer, it can be used for acne, migraines and post natal depression.
Propolis (also known as bee-propolis) is a resinous substance collected from the buds of some trees and flowers by bees to repair damage to their hives, and to protect the hive from disease.
It fights against virus infections, prevents and relieves inflammation, stimulates the formation of cells and tissue, acts as an anti-rheumatic, and boosts the immune system. In China, one hospital only uses the products of the beehive to treat its hundreds of patients with dramatic results.
Honey facts
Miraculous qualities have always been attributed to honey and its by-products, propolis, pollen and royal jelly. As well as its beneficial aid to reproduction and sexual function, it is also believed that it helps with serious complaints such as ulcers, heart disease and even cancers as well as being effective against the hospital 'superbug' MRSA.
One pound of honey represents about 300 bees flying 15,000 bee airmiles and contains the pollen of two million flowers.
Honey contains natural sugars that are quick and easy to absorb, making the journey from table to bloodstream in a record breaking seven minutes.
It also contains proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes and is said to improve athletic performance.
Honey, I'm pregnant!
Mandy is 23 and mum to 8-month old Levi whose conception she puts down to Apitherapy's honey.
"I have suffered from painful, irregular periods since my teens and was willing to try anything that would help with my PMS. When my sister mentioned a friend who swore by Aptimist, from Apitherapy, I decided to give it a try.
"Within just 2 months I had noticed a great improvement in my PMS symptoms but by the third month my periods had just stopped. I wasn't trying for a baby and didn't think for a minute I could be pregnant - until I saw the 2 blue lines!
"Even though he wasn't planned, I love my son and I'm sure he's the result of Aptimist!"


  • thank you for this post i might give it ago xxx
  • how r u supposed 2 take the honey and how much?wot about the royal jelly?
  • Well, i did look on the persons web page and it comes in a jar or you can get it powderd, apparently a teaspoon of ciammon mixed with it is good as well!!!

    personally i think im gona pick up a pot of honey when i go shoppin next! xxx
  • got some honey with royal jelly today it says to take a spoon full a day and it has lots of vitamins + also folic acid so cant do any harm!wish me luck x
  • got some honey with royal jelly today it says to take a spoon full a day and it has lots of vitamins + also folic acid so cant do any harm!wish me luck x
  • Is it just a pot of honey or capsules? where did you get it from hun?
  • it is pot of honey from holland and barrett is that right thing to get?:\?
  • Dunno hun!!, let me know how you get on xxx
  • Im glad you said, ta hun.

    Wat about the honey thing??
  • my doc reckons eating small amounts of honey as part of a healthy diet is not a prob.people eat honey all the time + dont die of bacteria related disease.most of the food we eat has some sort of bacteria in it but our immune systems sort out the good from the a little honey (say 1 teaspoon) on a bit of toast is unlikely to do any damage although eating a jar a day would not be a good idea!good idea for everyone to do their own research into safety of alternate or natural med and make own judgement based on that rather than blindly following advice or going into a panic believing something is dangerous.oh though it is true that babies can not eat honey between the ages of 0-1yr old due to bacteria level is this perhaps where panic has come from?:\?
  • Hi Hun did you ask the doc about Royal Jelly?...Ive orderd a tub from internet and wanted to know if that was the same hype as honey??xx
  • was not suggesting post was intended to cause panic but that some people is true that some people may die from eating a food they have an allergy to so if honey is usually eaten as part of your diet or you have eaten honey before it is a pretty safe bet that the next time you eat it you will not be allergic!basically honey is no more unsafe when pregnant as before pregnant.this has been stated by the government food standards agency.yes i have done research!my earlier post was not intended to be a dig at anyone, my intention was to reassure others who may have been taking honey and have ttc or fallen pregnant that it is extremly unlikely that they will die or cause damage to an unborn child.i would warn anyone ttc or pregnant to find out about potential harmful foods whilst pg thats all!ps smoking is really harmful to an unborn child.:lol:
  • am really sorry i didnt mean to make you feel bad.please dont get stressed about this as it sounds like you have enough on your plate and its not worth it! Its difficult to understand how a message is intended sometimes as it is written and not spoken so i am sure we have taken each other the wrong way.i hope you have some support at home as do not like the thought of anyone upset.if is any consolation have had crap wk too!i have issues lol sorry!:\(
  • Hi Joanne and Chanidoll, please please don't stop posting we all appreciate the advice and information and of course we all read different things and have different experiences but we only through sharing can we get fuller picture.
    Hope you both feel better xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ps I think supermarket honey is OK as it's like mayo - only dangerous in raw state??
  • thanks, worried about joanne though.the info i read said that honey + royal jelly is perfectly safe for you even if you are pg (as long as you know you are not allergic of course)this is in regard to honey that you would buy in a jar from a shop.btw its really good for your skin, i have been using it as face mask since i was 13.its a bit sticky but its makes your skin really soft and helps get rid of spots too!i also make fantastic carrot cake with it in too.god im sad!like i said i got issues lol!:lol:
  • It the one that started this MASSIVE shall we call it!!

    Hope everybody's ok, calmed down and still talking...Im verry sorry!!!

    ANYWAY...Ive brought O/H Bee Pollen capsules also, aparrently they can increase sperm count, so along with the Royal Jelly capsules we should be well away!!!! I couldnt do the honey thing, i was nearly sick when ihad some!!

    Lots of Luck and Hugs xxx
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