How long is it taking everyone?

Hi everyone

Just wondered how long everyone has been TTC. I came off the pill in June and started trying in September. Still no luck but I know that 4-6 months isn't very long. I also have a 28 day cycle and ovulate on day 19 so a very short LP.



  • Hi Laura,
    Now there's a question!! I started trying in Jan 2008, I fell pg in March 09, lost my little boy in Sep 09, had a chem preg in December and here I am now 2 years later still trying!!
    Good luck with ttc xx
  • Hi Dotty Jackie

    I'm so sorry about your loss. Lots of good luck to you! I've just bought a CBFM which I get tomorrow and I can't wait to use it.

  • Hey laura,

    I've been ttc for 11 months now... I'm hoping cycle 12 will be our lucky one!
  • hiya,
    i've been ttc for 14 months now, nothing happened at all so far, if i don't get my bfp this month, we're off to see the docs! i thought it would happen as soon as i came off the pill. how wrong i was.
    wishing u lots of luck xxx
  • This is my first month,on day 5 now so hopefully my cycles should be more regular so even if it does take a while i'll have more AF's!
  • Hi from june 09 I spent ten years trying not to get pregnant and when I want to looks like it will take some time to get pregnat you just cant
  • Hi Laura,

    I came off the pill in June also and started 'trying' pretty much straight away, so this is mth 8 for me.... Good luck xx
  • ive been ttc 20 months now
  • been trying sice may 08
  • We've been trying since end of Sept 09 x
  • I came off the pill beginning of October, but it doesn't feel like I have been ttc over 3 months because I have only had 1 AF in that time! Stupid broken body! :lol:
  • Took me 17 months! With not having been on the pill before that...
  • Hi hun, ttc for 4 months, but it feels longer! xxx
  • Thank you to everyone who replied. It really is varied!

    I'm sorry for moaning to those who have been TTC for longer than me. I'm sure it's very frustrating hearing people complain about it only taking 6 months. My AF arrived today which means that my cycle is now 27 days, ovulating on day 19 which gives me an 8 day LP. That is worrying! I also have excruitiating ovualtion and i'm usually bed ridden with a hot water bottle which I find strange. I'm also too ill to BD on ovualtion day which reduces my chances.

    My husband is buying me a book called The Baby Making Bible by Emma Cannon. She uses a blend of ancient Chinese medicine, nutrition advice, acupuncture and conventional medicine with a 71% success rate. It's ??14.99. I've also ordered a CBFM today (forgot to order ovualtion sticks though!). Hopefully it will give me a bit more information about my cycle!

    Good to luck to everyone!
  • I've been TTC for 7 months...Its great being on here though, helps knowing there's people going through the same thing you are image x x
  • Month 2 for hubby and I!! We're newbies x
  • Month 2 for us also on the dreaded 2ww, came off the pill end of June and used condoms until mid Nov when hubby finally gave me the green light!!

    Not looked back since and hoping for a BFP over the next 12 months PMA PMA xx
  • 14 months for us - I've written off the first six tho' - AF didn't settle after coming off the pill, and then disappeared (high prolactin due to an adenoma). So - since July 09, but only been charting cm since November 09. These boards are so encouraging - it's v.easy to feel that everyone falls pregnant instantly if you just listen to friends and family....
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