Results for my Scan tomorrow


Just letting you know Im getting my results tomorrow for my internal and external scan which i had just under 2 weeks ago, I couldnt get an appointment with the same dr till tomorrow coz she was either fully booked, has a day off or my shifts get in the way. Its at 10am, Im not nervous at all, I know its going to be fine. image Well i hope anyway.



  • Hi MPP,

    Good luck for tomorrow hun, am sure everything will be fine.

    Will be thinking of you xx
  • Good luck for tomorrow Hun!

    Will be thinking of you!

    X j x
  • Good luck, fingers crossed for you image
  • good luck honey - will check back for an update tmw xxxxx
  • Good luck MPP!

    Fingers crossed for you

  • Good luck hun xx It will all be fine! xx
  • oooh, good luck but am sure everythin will be ok!!

    will check back 4 an update 2moro, fingers crossed 4 ya

  • good luck hun fingers crossed for you

  • good luck image xxxxxxxxxxx
  • aww thanks everyone. image

    Well i got the all clear, everything is normal. Im wondering whether it was stress that caused it to go haywire, my job has been getting to me lately, with everyone leaving and the pressure of more work on my shoulders. Hubby tried to convince me all the way through my cycle that it could be stress.

    Im going to give my body 12 months for my AF's to get regular, its been 9 months so far, if they are still crazy and i cant concieve then i will go back to the drs. She mentioned about clomid, but i dont think i will need it as ive only had 2 crazy cycles (76 days and 80 days). She asked if ive heard of clomid and said i had and she wondered where from and I told her about BE :lol: Just told her ive learnt so much on here, which I have.

    Well now i can carry on with TTC and see what happens, As much as i would love a BFP im not going to rush it, like i said not too keen on a december baby and i want to have a good time in may for our anniversary so we going to chill. Although we are still going to try, im not going to obsess over it although ill still be symptom spotting.

    If i dont get a BFP this month, it wont bother me at all, gives me a bit of time to sort my house out and i want to get another job. Not only that, if we all getting our BFP's we will all be split up in different forums :cry: and ive made so many friends here :\)

  • Hi MPP, so glad that everything is normal for you; maybe the relief of knowing everything is healthy and as it should be will help you relax and you might just get your BFP sooner than you think.

    I think its a good idea to chill out for a bit - especially with your anniversary in May (which I'm jealous of, I love roller coasters!!). I know what you mean as well about moving into a different forum; I think I'd have to move over but hang around like a bad smell once I got my BFP just to see how everyone else was doing! Although after the arguments at the weekend with dh I think I will be the last one to move over at this rate!

    Anyway, really pleased for you xxx
  • so glad it was all clear!!!
    i'm hoping the stress of finding somewhere to live was the cause of my long af!!
    thinking back to last year they were irregular up until the wedding and then got shorter once it was all over so i'm wondering if its the case!!

    i too am not going to obsess as jan is already a busy month with hubby's birthday and lo's all within a month of crimbo!! nightmare!!

    we'll have to have our own little preggo forum so we can all be the same!!! lol

  • Great news PP, you must be so pleased! xx
  • Yeah i was definately relieved to hear everything was healthy. I told her about my 2nd of march AF and that i ov'd last weekend so everything sounds like its back to normal.
    Trying to think back to my 76 day cycle and work out what might have caused stress then, my wedding/honeymoon/gran passing away was way before that cycle and i had a WDB and 1 normal 28 day cycle before the 76 cycle.

    Well maybe ill be in the DID forum and maybe not. image

    *Baby Dust*


  • Glad everything is fine and it's nice to hear that you seem rather relaxed about trying to be relaxed lol if that makes sense.
  • glad everything went good for you. you just concentrate on getting everything right for you BFP it good to make friends we are here for you for when you want a rant to vent to chat and to cry we are just one big support group heres to when you get your BFP

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