Not been around for a while

Hi ladies, I disappeared for a while, as just getting so despondant about everything. Hubby and I have now started to expand our business in quite a big way, and agreed not to get hung up about the whole ttc issue. I know there have been people trying a lot longer than us, but for some reason I never expected it would take very long (we're on month 7 now).
Anyway! Whats the betting that I manage to fall pregnant right when we've taken on massive other commitments?!

Hope everyone is OK and there have been a few new bumps since I was last here.


  • Hello Gemsy15, and welcome back! It does seem to happen when your tied up with other things in your life, im keeping my fingers crossed that its true for you too. xxxx
  • Hi and welcome back, I haven't been on here for ages either and we've decided to put ttc 'on hold' for another couple of months. We are in the middle of building a house and living with the MIL so not the best of times for us. You're right once you start taking your mind off things and start with big 'projects' it will all happen at once! good luck x
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