Want to TTC but should I worry about work commitments?

I have a gorgeous baby girl who was born in May last year and my partner and I would love to start trying for another. My worry is my work have just given me a promotion for next year (I am a teacher) and is it unprofessional of me to not see through a whole academic year in that role? Or should I just go for what I want and have another baby - it's not like I will definitely fall pregnant straight away anyway realistically, so could be worrying for nothing!
Any honest advice welcome!
Good luck to all you ladies out there TTC,


  • Hi Roo,

    I personally would go with what I really want - a baby. A teacher at my daughters school went back to work for 6 mths after mat leave then found she was pregnant again! She had also been promoted. I work in the school and everyone was more than happy for her.
  • Hi
    I would go with what is really important. Babies are more important than work. I am a school teacher too and although I think it would be ideal to fall pregnant so that i miss one academic year rather than leaving and joining half way through them, the reality is it probably won't happen that way. You can't predict when it will happen anyway so i would just go with the flow and follow your heart.
    Wishing you lots of luck! X
  • Thank you so much for the advice, you are all saying what's in my heart. I just sometimes feel my head is telling me to be 'sensible' and do what's best for the children I teach not what's best for me and my family. My daughter Rosie would LOVE baby brother or sister (ok so she's only 13 months but I am sure she would love one!).
    I think I may just go for it! eshk! How exciting, it may not happen straight away anyway.

    Thanks again for advice!

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