Hello, please can i join you?

Hi ladies,

I have been lurking around trying to get information about ttc, im so new to all this, got married in June 09 and i came off my pill on 29th Jan this year, my normal withdrawal bleed started on the 3rd feb. So i assume i ovulated around 14 days later, but obviously don't know my cycles yet.

Antonia xxx:\)


  • Hello (waves) welcome to the wacky world of TTC x

    We have been trying 10 months hoping this is our lucky month and we manage to get our much awaited BFP.

    Good luck x
  • I have read about CM online, and i defiantly had some but this would have been 12 days after my period started not 14, so wasn't sure, i also had ovulation pains which i remember i used to have before i went on the pill. i have been on microgynon30 for 6 years! x
  • oh there is a lot to learn, hoping i can join you ladies for advice and support as i am aware what an emotional rollercoaster this can be xxx
  • Hi welcome to ttc. Im new to this website too. Been ttc number 3 for 4 cycles now and i have already got a son and a daughter. Hope your not here for too long x
  • Thankyou sammie, sorry to hear that littlewolf, im sure their are lots of ladies on hear that have been through lots too, it still amazes me how i used to panic that if i missed one pill i would get pregnant straight away, obviously is not the case at all! x
  • Hi PrincessA, welcome to TTC
    I was on microgynon 30 and it took about 3 months for my cycles to get back to normal, although everyone is different. I'm on month 9 of ttc so hopefully will be a lucky March for me xx
  • Hi Jay78, i have heard microgynon is terrible for letting u get back to normal, but then i have had friends who have got pregnant when taking it so im confussed x hope march is lucky for you xx
  • Hi,

    I moved over from planning today also! Hope you don't have to wait long for your BFP!

  • Hi Lady2188,

    i don't think i could cope if i have to wait too long, its already doing my head in, although im not going to start using OV sticks and charting etc till at least july if it hasn't happened by then. we are off to new york in june for our 1st wedding anniversary, so dont want to be stressed out for that. but would love to be a little pregnant by then, hopefully! xxx
  • Hey chic,

    Welcome to BE -

    Good Luck ttc

  • I'm hoping for a holiday end of may and would also love to be able to take a little bean with me! New York sounds fab!

    I think some of the ladies on here found stressing out about ttc made it take longer to get a bfp, so your probably right about laying off the gadgets for a couple of months. Although after numerous bfn's i'm sure they become highly tempting...!

  • Hello and welcome aboard the TTC train!!

    Its a crazy place but everyone is so lovely and helpful.

    good luck

  • hello princessA, i came off the pill the day b4 you! so we are in it together!!!!!! xxxxxx
  • Im so glad i have joined this forum all you ladies seem so nice! *me* i have replied to ur post about coming off the pill symptoms, we are well and truely in it together. Today i have had crampy pains and spots of blood, i feel like af is on her way image Lady2188, i will try and stay relaxed about it all as long as i can do! New York is a bit of a treat before we have little ones, we want to do this one trip just us! xx
  • Hi welcome BE & the TTC Forum, hope you're not here too long for all the right reasons image

  • Hi welcome BE & the TTC Forum, hope you're not here too long for all the right reasons image

  • hello and welcome to BE!

  • Thank-you ladies! i feel very welcome! x
  • Hello and welcome chick to BE, we are a friendly bunch on here xx
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